Follow-up to Decisions, Notices, Orders (8638): 2003

Date File # / Subject Decision     
2003-11-07 8638-C12-200317918

Follow-up to Decision 2003-76 - Rogers Wireless Inc. vs. TELUS Communications Inc. - Toll termination arrangements (Show Cause)

2003-10-31 8638-C12-200317934

Follow-up to Decision 2003-73 - TELUS Communications Inc. - Changes to co-location tariffs and central office license agreements (Show Cause)

2003-09-29 8638-C12-200315202

Follow-up to Decision 2003-65 - Show Cause - Application to remove the joint marketing restrictions

File Closed
2003-09-19 8638-C12-200314211

Follow-up to Decision 2003-62 - Allstream v. MTS - Sherbrook Central Office (Show cause)


File Closed

2003-09-10 8638-C12-200312439

Follow-up to Decision 2003-61 - Show Cause - Bell Canada and Thunder Bay Telephone

2003-08-22 8638-C12-200312728

Decisions 2003-58 and 2003-59 -  Inter-exchange dark fibre

2003-08-22 8638-C12-200311283

Follow-up to Decision 2003-58 (Decision 2003-4) -  Inter-exchange dark fibre (Show Cause)

2003-08-12 8638-C12-200314641

Follow-up to decision 2003-53 - Conditions of service for wireless competitive local exchange carriers and for emergency services offered by wireless service providers

2003-07-21 8638-C12-200310847

Follow-up to Decision 2003-49 - Request to lift restrictions on the provision of retail digital subscriber line Internet services

File Closed
2003-07-18 8638-C12-200309840

Follow-up to Decision CRTC 2003-48 - Incumbent local exchange carrier service intervals for various competitor services

File Closed
2003-06-30 8638-C12-200311837

Follow-up to Decision CRTC 2003-45 - Provision of telecommunications services to customers in multi-dwelling units

File Closed
2003-06-27 8638-C12-200308537

Follow-up to Decision CRTC 2003-43 - Bell Canada - Revised service improvement plan

2003-06-20 8638-C12-200311853

Follow-up to Decision CRTC 2003-39 - Northwestel's 2002 Revenue Deferral Account

2003-05-30 8638-C12-200308363

Follow-up to Decision CRTC 2003-33 - Confidentiality provisions of Canadian carriers

2003-05-07 8638-C12-200308405

Follow-up to Decision CRTC 2003-28 - Compensation plan

2003-04-10 8638-C12-200306218

Follow-up to Decision CRTC 2003-23 - Show cause by Aliant Telecom regarding violations of the Telecommunications Act

File Closed
2003-03-18 8638-C12-200304634

Follow-up to Decision CRTC 2003-12 (including Decision 2003-83) - Rates for co-location floor space, Direct Connection service, Wireless Access Service: Line-side Access services, and Wireless Service Providers Enhanced Provincial 9-1-1 Network Access service

2003-03-18 8638-C12-200304593

Follow-up to Decision CRTC 2003-11 - Service basket assignment

File Closed
2003-01-31 8638-C12-200311283

Follow-up to Decisions 2003-4 and 2003-58 - Inter-exchange dark fibre (Show Cause)


*NFAR = No further action required

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