Interconnection Issues (8643): 2001

Date        File number   Subject       Decision
2001/12/19 8643-C12-07/01 Public Notice 2001-126 - Trunking arrangements for the interchange of traffic and the point of interconnection between local exchange carriers D2004-46
2001/12/01 8643-O2-01/01 Ontario Telecommunications Association (OTA) - PIC CARE Handbook O2003-153
2001/11/30 8643-O4-02/01 O.N. Tel - PIC CARE Handbook O2003-148
2001/11/16 8643-N1-01/01 Northwestel - PIC CARE Handbook O2002-335
2001/10/31 8643-N3-01/01 Northern Telephone - PIC CARE Handbook O2003-200
2001/10/08 8643-L2-01/01 La Compagnie de Téléphone Lambton Inc. - PIC Care Handbook O2004-300
2001/09/28 8643-C12-09/01 TELUS (TCI) to Show Cause Re. Toll-Transit Service in Alberta D2002-50
2001/07/17 8643-M29-01/01 Microcell Connexions Inc. - (PIC CARE) Handbook O2003-137
2001/07/17 8643-N31-02/01 Norigen - (PIC CARE) Handbook  
2001/07/10 8643-S10-01/01 SATAT -  (PIC/CARE) Handbook O2004-395
2001/05/09 8643-S50-01/01 Suite Systems Inc. - (PIC/CARE) Handbook NFAR

NFAR = No further action required

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