The Accessible Canada Act and the CRTC Accessibility Reporting Regulations

We are responsible for implementing accessibility rules under the Accessible Canada Act (ACA) for the broadcasting and telecommunications industries, which includes a requirement for service providers to establish a feedback process and submit accessibility plans and progress reports.

Read the reminder of the non-CRTC obligations

In addition to the regulations set out in the CRTC Accessibility Reporting Regulations, regulated broadcasting and telecommunications providers are reminded of their complementary obligations, including notification obligations, under the Accessible Canada Regulations. The Accessible Canada Regulations are administered by the Accessibility Commissioner to the Canadian Human Rights Commission. If you have questions about the Accessible Canada Regulations, you can contact the Accessibility Commissioner as follows:

  • Email:
  • Phone: 613-995-1151
  • TTY: 1-888-643-3304
  • VRS: video relay service calls made through Canada VRS are accepted from Monday to Friday, between 8 am and 8 pm (Eastern Time)
  • Fax: 613-996-9661

Services and information

Feedback process descriptions

Learn more about required feedback processes and the deadlines for service providers to establish them.

Progress reports

Get information on accessibility progress reports and the deadlines for service providers to submit them to the CRTC.

Accessibility plans

Find out more about the requirement and deadline for service providers to establish accessibility plans.

Submit an accessibility complaint with the CRTC

File a complaint if you have an accessibility complaint related to phone, TV, or Internet services.

Accessible Canada Act regulations and guidelines

If you are a service provider, you can find information and guidance to help you meet your obligations under the new regulations.

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