Feedback process descriptions

The Accessible Canada Act (ACA) requires regulated service providers to establish a feedback process where consumers can communicate any barriers that they have encountered in dealing with them. A barrier is defined in the ACA as anything that hinders the full and equal participation in society of persons with a disability, including a physical, mental, intellectual, cognitive, learning, communication or sensory disability or a functional limitation.

The ACA also requires service providers to publish a description of that feedback process and notify the CRTC when it has been published. The feedback process allows the public to communicate with the service provider regarding accessibility issues. This feedback is then used to inform the content of their accessibility plans and progress reports.

We created a list of providers who notified the CRTC that their feedback process descriptions are available on their websites.

How to notify us

Service providers must notify us that they have published their feedback processes and should do so through their My CRTC account. New regulated service providers may need to create an account.

To submit your notice:

  1. Access the Forms and My CRTC Account page.
  2. Select the Broadcasting Cover Page or Telecom Cover Page as applicable.
  3. Log in either through your GCKey account or through a Sign-in Partner.
  4. Enter the relevant information for your organization (name, address, etc.).

See Information Bulletin CRTC 2022-227 for more details.


Not all service providers have the same deadlines. Providers fall into different “classes” of service that are generally based on the number of their employees. For instance, smaller providers fall into a class of service that has later deadlines than larger providers. See paragraph 4 of Information Bulletin 2022-117 definitions of each “class”.

If a provider falls in a class that qualifies for a later deadline, they had until June 1st, 2022 to submit a form called an “attestation form”. This form lets people know what class the company falls into and determines their deadlines. We have created a list of companies who submitted an attestation form to the CRTC.

Note that these deadlines only apply to areas within the CRTC’s mandate. There may be additional reporting obligations under the Accessible Canada Regulations.

Classes B1/T1 and B2/T2:

Classes B3/T3 (upon submission of an attestation):

Classes B4/T4 (upon submission of an attestation):

Class T5 (no attestation is required):

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