Annual Facilities Survey

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The Annual Facilities Survey forms are issued to Telecommunications Common Carriers who offered either local and access, Internet and/or wireless services as of December 31 of the reporting period. These forms are assigned based on details captured in previous surveys and from the telecommunications service providers registration lists.

If your entity has provided telecommunications services in Canada using landline and/or wireless facilities at any point during the previous year and has not received a request to submit data, please contact us for guidance using the On-line form.


This survey is conducted under the authority of the Telecommunications Act.


  • Annual facilities data collection

Due date(s)

  • 1 March 2019

Significant changes

Form 256

  • Even if respondents have indicated no changes, data older than three years must now be resubmitted.

Form 267

  • This form has been introduced to collect points of presence for transport connectivity.

Survey forms

2xx Facilities

  • 256 - Geographic residential broadband capability
  • 266 - Publicly available WiFi hotspots
  • 267 - Transport points of presence
  • 278 - Mobile and paging coverage and MVNOs
  • 359 - Backhaul transport facilities
  • 2191 – Residential households subscribing to FTTP/FTTN services and households serviced by FTTP/FTTN and IPTV
  • 2781 – Mobile network sharing arrangements
  • 2782 – Mobile roaming arrangements
  • 2783 – Mobile spectrum arrangements
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