The Future of Audio and Video Programming in Canada: What Will Come Next?
Music, Podcasts, TV, Radio, Videos and Everything in Between

The Internet has expanded the ways we access content but the traditional ways still exist. Whether it’s on your TV, laptop, phone, streamed through your car, or over-the-air – content is everywhere.

Two-Phase Consultation

Dec 6, 2017 to Jan 31, 2018
Phase 2 – Pushing the conversation further

During this phase, we reached out to learn more about why you listen to audio content and watch video content the way you do.

We also published a reference document to help guide the conversation. It’s full of important data and info to help us understand how video/audio consumption habits have changed in recent years.

Comments received during this second phase are also available.

Oct 12 to Dec 1, 2017
Phase 1 – Laying the Foundation

During this phase, we reached out for your initial thoughts on questions about the future of programming. You can read the comments we received to see what others also think about these issues.

Final report

We are now analyzing all of the information received during this process. We will submit a report to the Government of Canada no later than June 1, 2018.

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