Harnessing Change: The Future of Programming Distribution in CanadaHarnessing Change: The Future of Programming Distribution in Canada

Harnessing Change: The Future of Programming Distribution in Canada

Whether it’s on your TV, laptop, phone, streamed through your car, or over-the-air – content is everywhere. Canadians are shifting to online platforms slowly, but surely.

Right now, we rely mostly on traditional platforms to finance content made by Canadians. But as these models are declining, funding strategies need to be restructured to ensure our creators can make great content that Canadians and the world can enjoy.

Our report

We have prepared a digital-first report following a public process during which we gathered lots of information from the industry and from Canadians.

Learn about market insights and the future viability of all the business models that are part of the broadcasting system right now. Then check out the opportunities and risks related to all the changes that are arising. For example, discover how market shifts could impact Canadian TV and film production. Or, take a look at how changes in radio broadcasting revenues could affect financial contributions used to develop Canadian music and spoken word content. Our interactive scenarios take an in-depth look at the impacts these changes could have. Finally, review the conclusions and options we are laying out to help ensure our creators can thrive in the digital era!

Watch a quick video summary of the report.

We heard you!

We conducted a survey to know more about why you consume content the way you do and the results are in! More than 10,000 Canadians filled out our survey. Review the report and see what Canadians said!

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