Conclusions and
Potential Options

If Canadians and Canada are to be best equipped to move forward into the future, bold new strategies are necessary.

More specifically, the CRTC proposes that the future legislative and regulatory approach to content and its distribution should:

  1. Focus on the production and promotion
  2. All players should participate
  3. Be nimble, innovative and rapidly adapt to change

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Policy Options

Taking into account the conclusions in this report, there are a number of possible ways forward. The following sections identify some of the policy options the government could consider :

Comprehensive and binding service agreements that include traditional and new players

Traditional licensing models do not reflect the emerging reality of broadcasting or the ways in which Canadians consume and create content. Nimble regulatory approaches, such as binding agreements that clearly and transparently set out obligations, would better incent constructive participation and secure essential commitments from all participants.

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Restructured funding strategy

Sustainable funding supports remain essential to Canadian content, but must reflect the new realities of the current and future marketplace without increasing costs for Canadians.

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National strategies

National strategies should address new imperatives driven by the changing content marketplace, such as strategies for content export, emerging technologies, inclusivity and diversity of content, as well as its security.

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Short to medium term steps

Innovate on policy and strategies for more traditional models now, with a view to paving the way for the changes needed for the future.

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