CISC Administrative Guidelines

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Appendix 9 - Submission of Documents

It is imperative that activities of the various groups be documented and made available to the public in order to ensure that there is awareness among members and the public of all activities being undertaken. Documents must be available to the public in the Commission's public examination rooms and they also should be posted on the Commission Website.

In order to make the documents available on the Commission Website, a page has been set up for the CISC proceeding. It can be found at:

The page is designed with sections for the SC, and each WG. In addition, there are sections for specific document types.

The CRTC administrative staff is responsible for posting documents on the CISC Web page. You will be able to send e-mails directly to the web site administrator, but it will be necessary to point that section (WG) of the page where the documents are to be placed and to provide other information as outlined below.

Note that confidential documents should not be sent to this address. Alternate arrangements have to be made to deliver classified documents to the Commission.

WG Chairs must arrange to have all relevant documents forwarded directly to the CRTC web site administrator.

WG Chairs are requested to check the page related to their group to determine if all relevant documents are there. If documents are missing, action must be taken to send them to the administrator along with the instructions as to where the documents are to be placed. New postings should be verified at least once a week.

Submission of files for Posting on the CISC Web Pages

  • Non confidential documents that you wish to have posted on the CISC Web pages should be sent as attachment to a message addressed to the website administrator at:
  • For the CISC process, final versions of documents must be provided to the Commission in hard copy as well as provided to the CRTC by e-mail.
  • Confidential files should not be sent to this address but they should be submitted in accordance with the CRTC Rules of Procedure
  • The files should be named in accordance with the convention outlined in Appendix 10
  • Information provided in the body of the message should include:
  • The Web page section(s) to which the document should be posted
  • Nomenclature for the file that includes
    • the file name
    • the software package used; and
    • a descriptive title and the date of the document.
  • If the file is meant to be a draft, the text "draft" should be at the end of the description.
  • When a final version of a document is submitted to replace a draft version already posted, the file to be replaced should be clearly identified (the final version should have the exact file name as the draft version).
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