2003/11/25 - #: 8662-M3-200317661 - MTS Communications Inc. - Demande de révision et modification des décisions 2003-70, 2002-71 et 2001-238

2005-09-09 - Décision de télécom CRTC 2005-52 Demande de révision et de modification de certaines décisions relatives à la subvention de MTS Allstream pour la tranche F. Référence : 8662-M3-200317661


2005-11-10 - MTS Communications Inc.
Description: Please update the corresponding pages of your MTS Allstream AST Tariff with the attached revised tariff pages
Document: 051110.pdf - 100KO

2004/02/04 - MTS Communications Inc.
Description: MTS is in receipt of comments dated 21 January 2004 from Allstream Corporation. Pursuant to the Commission's letter dated 24 December 2003, MTS's reply comments, which include its further request that the Commission also review and vary portions of Final revenue-percent charge and related matters, Telecom Decision CRTC 2003-84
Document: 040204.doc - 1103KO - revisé

2004/01/21 - Allstream Corp.
Description: Pursuant to the Commission's letter of 22 December 2003 modifying the Part VII procedure associated with the above‑noted subject, Allstream Corp. (Allstream) hereby submits the following comments.
Document: 040121.doc - 301KO

2003/12/22 - Lettre du Conseil - Version anglaise seulement - "Version imprimée"
Description:  Lettre adressée à Allstream Corp. - Objet:  Demande en vertu de la Partie VII présentée par MTS Communications du 25 novembre 2003: Demande de révision et de modification de MTS Communications Inc. - Reclassification des circonscriptions de la tranche D à la tranche F et questions tarifaires connexes, Décision 2003-70 du 17 octobre 2003

2003/12/18 - Allstream Corp.
Description: Given the current regulatory workload and the intervening Christmas break Allstream will be unable to file comments until 21 January 2003
Document: 031218.doc - 245KO

2003/11/25 - MTS Communications Inc.
Description: Please find attached an Application by MTS Communications pursuant to sections 60 and 62 of the Telecommunications Act and Part VII of the CRTC Telecommunications Rules of Procedure requesting that the Commission review and vary its decisions within MTS Communications Inc. - Telecom Decision CRTC 2003-70, dated 17 October 2003, and a portion Telecom Decision CRTC 2002-71, dated 22 November 2002, and Decision CRTC 2001-238, 27 April 2001, as amended by Decision CRTC 2001-238-2, and as amended by Decision 2003-70
Document: 031125.doc - 1377KO

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