Competitive Disputes (8622): 2009

      Date       File # / Subject   Decision  
2009-12-14 8622-D11-200917114
Distributel Communications Limited - Application requesting the Commission to direct Rogers to release the numbers and to proceed with the coordination of the port activity (Bulk porting request to Rogers)
2009-10-26 8622-A98-200914590
ATCO Energy Solutions - Application requesting the Commission to reassess the classification of the company as a Group I carrier, and permit it to file its information as a Group II carrier
2009-09-28 8622-R28-200913344
Rogers Cable Communications Inc. - Application requesting that the Commission review the appropriateness of the ILECs controlling the 9-1-1 system in a competitive environment
File Closed
2009-09-25 8622-G44-200913162
Globalive Wireless Management Corp. - Application seeking an Order directing TELUS Communications Company to provide transiting arrangements
2009-09-09 8622-S22-200912479
Saskatchewan Telecommunications (SaskTel) - Dispute with CLEC - Changes to SaskTel’s ALI Database
File Closed
2009-03-19 8622-C12-200904129
TELUS Communications Company Held Orders Complaints
2009-02-26 8622-C151-200905102
Canadian Cable Systems Alliance (CCSA)
Request for Final Offer Arbitration to resolve a commercial dispute between the CCSA and Rogers Sportsnet Inc. (Rogers)
2009-02-06 8622-B66-200903139
Blakes, Cassels & Graydon LLP - Application seeking clarification of Regulatory Policy 2009-40 - Implementation of Wireless Phase II E9-1-1 Service
2009-01-13 8622-C122-200902230
Cybersurf Corp. - Application requesting an expedited relief requiring Bell Canada to file tariff on all of its Higher Speed ADSL access services as directed by Decision 2008-117
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