Follow-up to Decisions, Notices, Orders (8638): 2007

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Date           File # / Subject Decision
2007-12-20 8638-C12-200719099

Follow-up to Decision 2007-130 - Commissioner for Complaints for Telecommunications Services - Draft Constating Documents

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2007-10-26 8638-C12-200715120

Follow-up to Decision 2007-101 - TELUS Communications Company – Regulatory issues with respect to the provision of interexchange dark fibre

2007-09-14 8638-C12-200715493

Follow-up to Decision 2007-88 - Bell Canada - Application seeking exogenous treatment of wireline-related costs associated with the implementation of wireless number portability

File closed
2007-07-06 8638-C12-200712457

Follow-up to Decision CRTC 2007-50 - Use of deferral account funds to expand broadband services to certain rural and remote communities

File closed
2007-05-25 8638-12-200708003

Follow-up to Decision 2007-35 - Disclosure of information filed in confidence

File closed
2007-04-30 8638-C12-200708191

Follow-up to Decision 2007-27 - Determination impact with respect to the cap for residential PES rates in HCSAs and on the subsidy calculation

2007-04-30 8638-C12-200708183

Follow-up to Decision 2007-27 - Show Cause - Application of the price cap regime to Télébec, société en commandite

2007-04-04 8638-C12-200710914

Follow-up to Order in Council C.P. 2007-0533

2007-02-02 8638-C12-200701913

Follow-up to Decision 2007-5 - Assignment of services to baskets


*NFAR - No further action required

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