Competitive Disputes (8622):2007

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2007-10-16 8622-S61-200714792

Shaw Telecom Inc. - Local Competition Implementation Negotiations - TBayTel/Shaw

2007-09-26 8622-S9-200713570

Shaw Communications Inc. - Application seeking access to Concord Pacific Group Inc.'s Spectrum Towers Development

File Closed
2007-09-25 8622-B61-200714015

Bedford Investments - Application seeking an order requiring MTS Allstream Inc. and MTS Communications Inc. to comply with Decision 2003-45

2007-08-31 8622-S9-200712564

Shaw Communications Inc. - Shaw Cablesystems Limited and Concord Pacific Spectrum Tower projects – request for staff-assisted dispute resolution

File Closed
2007-07-06 8622-T8-200709826

TBayTel - Application concerning Kenora Municipal Telephones System (KMTS) failure to negotiate a wireless access service agreement in good faith with TBayTel

File Closed
2007-05-10 8622-C6-200707317

Cogeco Cable Inc., Rogers Communications Inc., Shaw Communications Inc. and Videotron Ltd., (the Cable Carriers) - Application to discontinue the application of the Winback rule for cable carriers' higher speed access service

2007-04-27 8622-L22-200706624

Look Communications Inc. - Application seeking an order requiring Bell Canada to comply with the Bell Terms of Service - Billing Dispute

2007-04-26 8622-A60-200706609

Access Communications Co-operative Limited - Application requesting an order concerning the porting of SaskTel's Direct Inward Dialing Numbers

2007-04-13 8622-C122-200705642

Cybersurf Corp. - Application requesting in order directed at TELUS Communications Company enforcing Telecom Order 2007-25

2007-04-05 8622-B2-200705254

Bell Aliant Regional Communiations, Bell Canada and Saskatchewan Telecommunications (SaskTel) (the Companies) - Application requesting the Commission to discontinue the application of the digital subscriber line winback rule

2007-04-02 8622-C122-200705106

Cybersurf Corp. - Application requesting an expedited show cause process concerning speeds of ADSL wholesale services

File Closed
2007-03-19 8622-C12-200704321

Public Notice 2007-3 - Proceeding to consider the requirement for a network interconnection device when the incumbent local exchange carrier's network is disconnected from residential inside wire

2007-03-01 8622-T89-200703563

Toronto Hydro Telecom Inc. - Application seeking an order requiring Greenwin Property Management Inc. and 505896 Ontario Limited to comply with the MDU access condition and/or other rulings contained in Decisions 2003-45 and 2005-33

File Closed
2007-01-26 8622-M59-200701500

MTS Allstream Inc. - Application requesting that the Commission issue certain orders with respect to the ILECs' Centrex and Enhanced Exchange Wide Dial (EEWD) Services

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