2003-05-07 - #: 8638-C12-200308405 - Suivi de la Décision CRTC 2003-28 - Régime de compensation

2006-08-21 - Rogers Cable Communications
Description:  Pursuant to Telecom Decision 2003-28, Rogers Cable Communications wishes to opt out of the local calling area expansion process.
Document: 657006.pdf - 76KO

2006-08-10 - Mountain Cablevision Ltd.
Description:  Pursuant to paragraphs 36 through 42 of Decision 2003-28 Microcell Telecommunications Inc. - Application to review and vary Telecom Decision CRTC 2002-56 ,   Mountain Cablevision Ltd. hereby informs the Commission that we will exercise our option to opt out of the compensation plan, to both collect the temporary surcharge and to receive compensation for foregone toll revenues during a Local Calling Area expansion.
Document: 654675.doc - 49KO

2006-06-30 - TELUS Communications Company
Description: TELUS is writing, pursuant to the CRTC Local Calling Area expansion process outlined in Telecom Decision 2002-56.
Document: 641280.pdf - 19KO

2005-03-18 - TELUS Communications Inc.
Description: TELUS Communications Inc. (TELUS or the Company) is in receipt of a request from Bell Canada dated January 17, 2005 for information regarding TELUS’ data for a local calling area expansion study for the City of Ottawa
Document: 050318.doc - 33KO

2003-07-29 - TELUS Communications Inc.
Description: TELUS hereby gives notice that it has decided to opt out of the compensation plan in those areas where it has registered as a CLEC
Document: 030729_1.doc - 46KO

2003-07-25 - Videotron Telecom Ltd.
Description: Pursuant to Decision 2003-28, paragraphs 39 and 42, VTL hereby informs the Commission that it will not participate to the Ottawa LCA compensation plan
Document: 030725.doc - 34KO

2003-07-04 - EastLink
Description: Pursuant to that Decision, EastLink hereby provides notice to the Commission of its intention to opt out of the Plan
Document: 030704.doc - 159KO

2003-06-27 - Info-Touch Communication Systems
Description: This email is in support of this application to review and vary Decision CRTC 2002-56
Document: 030627.htm - 2KO

2003-06-18 - TELUS Communications (Québec) Inc.
Description: TELUS Communications (Québec) Inc. soumet au Conseil sa décision reliée à l'option de participation au régime de compensation dont il est fait mention audit paragraphe.
Document: 030618.doc - 21KO

2003-06-10 - Microcell Solutions
Description:  City of Ottawa Local Calling Area (LCA) Expansion - Decision by Microcell Solutions Inc. to opt out the compensation plan as permitted to Telecom Decision CRTC 2003-28
Document: 030610.pdf - 40KO

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