Competitive Disputes (8622): 2002

Date         File number                              Subject       Decision
2002-11-12 8622-C51-03/02 CAIP - Against certain incumbent cable and telephone carriers in respect of the anti-competitive provision of high-speed access and retail internet services, including Lite Service D2004-28


2002-09-23 8622-A4-20/02 AT&T Canada vs. MTS - Application to order MTS to continue to provide services at the Sherbrooke Central Office D2003-71
2002-09-13 8622-A53-02/02 Aliant Telecom Inc. - Regarding non-compliance with Telecom order 99-434 D2003-74
2002-08-30 8622-M16-01/02 Microcell Telecom - Requesting an order that directs Rogers Wireless & Bell Mobiilty to cease and desist contravention of section 27(2) of the Telecom Act and directing other specific remedies D2003-26
2002-08-02 8622-E17-03/02 Eastlink vs. Aliant Telecom - Non-compliance with Bundling rules D2002-48
2002-06-27 8622-B38-01/02 Bell Mobility, Microcell Telecommunications, Rogers Wireless & TELUS Mobility - For interim orders against the Greater Toronto Airports Authority (Wireless Communications) D2002-38
2002-05-03 8622-C25-16/02 Call-Net Enterprises -  Bell Canada Non-Compliance with Win-Back Rules D2002-73
2002-04-30 8622-A4-19/02 AT&T Canada Corp. - Requesting that the Commission order the ILEC's to comply in full with Decision 2002-14 D2002-68
2002-04-29 8622-T69-01/02 Telus Communications (Québec) Inc. vs Bell Canada - Request on questions of undue preference D2004-14
2002-04-26 8622-G7-03/02 GT Group vs Aliant Telecom Inc. - Expedited relief regarding Aliant Telecom's violations of the Telecommunications Act PN2003-4
2002-04-25 8622-F15-01/02 First Media Group - To effect changes to the current monopoly in the provisionning of 900 services D2004-43
2002-04-09 8622-M22-04/02 Maskatel/Guèvremont - Clarification of item 3.3.21 of the General Tariff  
2002-04-04 8622-Q15-01/02 Quebecor Média Inc. vs Bell Canada - Prejudicial cross-subsidization to the public interest D2002-61
2002-03-06 8622-A53-01/02 Aliant Telecom Inc. - Application for an Order relating to Late Payment Charges D2003-41
2002-03-06 8622-O28-01/02 OSWCA (Ontario Sewer and Watermain Construction Association) - Complaint on enforceable standards for utility locate requests D2004-17
2002-03-04 8622-G1-01/02 Guèvremont/Maskatel - Temporary Discontinuance of Service to 168 customers of Maskatel to allow modifications to the switch DMS-10 of Téléphone Guèvremont inc.  
2002-02-22 8622-O2-02/02 OTA (Joint Application - collectively name "The applicants" - Orders 2000-37, 2000-38 and 2001-82 - Resale of Extended Area Service D2002-28
2002-02-13 8622-W28-01/02 Westman  Communications Group - Application with respect to MTS' Failure to comply with order 2000-425 D2004-32
2002-02-04 8622-C25-15/02 Call-Net Enterprises -  Clarification of Decision CRTC 2001-694 D2003-31
2002-01-31 8622-G7-02/02 GT Group Telecom Services Corp. - Regarding in-region affiliate safeguards D2002-76
2002-01-29 8622-A2-01/02 Amtelecom - (Re Decision 2001-756) Request formal ruling as to the appropriateness of the tariff revision filed on December 24, 2001 O2002-230
2002-01-23 8622-C25-14/02 Call-Net Enterprises -  Requesting  an order to require ILECs to file a tariff for 4-Hour Mean Time to repair on unbundled local loops D2004-19
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