Amtelecom Communications: 8622-A2-01

Request formal ruling as to the appropriateness of the tariff revision 

Reference File:  8663-C12-05/01

2002/06/07 - Telecom Order CRTC 2002-230 - The Commission directs Amtelecom to fully rebate all excess monies collected from subscribers forthwith, including accumulated interest on those monies calculated at the company's short term cost of debt, and issue forthwith, a revised tariff page to reflect the rates approved by the Commission in Order 2000-1097. Reference: 8663-C12-05/01 and 8622-A2-01/02.

2002/06/10 - Amtelecom Communications
Description:  Attached for the Commission's information are the revisions to the Company's General Tariff, Item 100 as directed in Telecom Order CRTC 2002-230 and as allowed under Decision CRT 2001-756.
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2002/05/24 - Amtelecom Communications
Description:  This letter is further to our letter of April 15, 2002 in which Amtelecom reiterated our request, originally made on January 29, 2002, for a formal ruling by the Commission.
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2002/04/15 - Amtelecom Communications
Description: I am writing to you on a matter of considerable concern to Amtelecom Communications. On January 29, 2002, we wrote to the Commission requesting a formal ruling by the Commission, with reason, on tariff revision 7 filed by Amtelecom on December 24, 1001.
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2002/01/29 - Amtelecom Communications
Description:  Tariff Pages Filed Pursuant to Decision CRTC 2001-756 - Regulatory Framework for the Small Incumbent Telephone Companies
Document:  020129.doc - 75KB

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