Eastlink vs. Aliant Telecom: 8622-E17-03/02

Non-compliance with Bundling rules

2002/08/15 - Telecom Decision CRTC 2002-48 - The Commission finds that a service proposed to be provided by Aliant Telecom Inc. would constitute a bundled service. The Commission prohibits the company from providing the service without first obtaining prior tariff approval. Reference: 8622-E17-03/02.

2002/08/12 - EastLink Limited
Description: Pursuant to the Commission's letter of August 5, 2002, Aliant and NSAC filed answers to the Application on August 8, 2002. Attached is EastLink's Reply to the Answers filed.
Document: 020812.zip - 87KB

2002/08/08 - Aliant Telecom Inc.
Description: Aliant Telecom Inc. (Aliant Telecom or the Company) is in receipt of a Part VII Application by EastLink Limited (EastLink) dated 02 August 2002.
Document: 020808.zip - 136KB

2002/08/08 - Nova Scotia - Department of Justice - "Hard Copy Document"
Description: This is further to the Part VII application filed by EastLink Limited on August 2, 2002, respecting Aliant Telecom Inc.'s alleged non-compliance with bundling rules. 

2002/08/05 - Commission Letter - English Version Only - "Hard Copy Document"
Description:  Letter addressed to Aliant Telecom Inc. - Re: Part VII application by EastLink Limited - Application for expedited relief

2002/08/02 - EastLink Limited
Description: Pursuant to Part VII of the CRTC Telecommunication Rules of Procedure, EastLink Limited ("EastLink") files the application set out below regarding Aliant Telecom Inc.'s ("Aliant") non-compliance with the rules established by the Commission for the bundling of tariffed and forborne services.
Document: 020802.zip - 975KB

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