Rogers Communications Partnership: 8620-R28-201202077

Implementation plan for Wireless Number Portability – Sogetel inc./Rogers Communications Partnership - 2012-02-23

Reference: 8620-S4-201204164

File Closed - Commission Letter - 2012-08-24

2012-08-24 - Commission Procedural Letter
File #: 8620-S4-201204164 - 8620-R28-201202077
Description: Letter addressed to Rogers Communications Inc. - RE: Sogetel Inc.'s wireless number portability implementation plan

2012-03-22 - Commission Procedural Letter
Description: Letter addressed to Sogetel inc. - Re: Request for extension for the filing of the Implementation plan for Wireless Number Portability

2012-03-19 - Sogetel inc.
Description: Sogetel inc. accuse réception de la lettre de Rogers Communication Partnership en date du 23 février 2012.
Document: 1688529.pdf - 364KB

2012-02-23 - Rogers Communications Partnership
Description: Rogers Communications Partnership (RCP) is providing herein a formal expression of interest to Sogetel in order to open the exchanges of Beauceville and Nicolet (Québec) for Wireless Number Portability (WNP) as soon as possible.
Document: 1679188.pdf - 67KB

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