Take Back Control: 5 Steps to Negotiating Better TV Services

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5 Steps to Negotiating Better TV Services
Tips to Reduce Unwanted Calls
Tips to Reduce Unwanted Calls
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Step 1: Determine your needs and budget

Fill out the CRTC checklist to help you with this.

Step 2: Do your homework

Find out exactly what you’re currently paying for. Look at your bills and contract and familiarize yourself with the terms.

Go online and take notes on what deals your service provider offers to new customers.

Find competitors that offer services in your region and compare their deals with those from your provider using the CRTC's Service Providers Near Me and Compare Services tools.

Already getting a good deal? Great! Skip the next steps and make sure to start over in 6 months to ensure you’re still getting your money’s worth.

Step 3: Book some time

Make sure you have more than 5 minutes to spare. Let's be honest, these types of calls may take a while, but it's worth it, so make sure you set enough time aside.

Step 4: Make the call and start negotiating

Speak with confidence, but stay polite. Show the customer service rep that you did your homework and that you’re aware of the deals they offer. Demand better considering your priorities. Ask about special promotions and compare them with other providers’ deals. Reminding them of your loyalty can help. If you’re still not satisfied, ask to speak to a supervisor or the department that can offer better deals.

Step 5: Pull out your last resort

If you’re still unsatisfied with what you’re being offered, tell them you’re ready to switch to another provider to get a better deal. But be ready to make the move!

You can repeat these steps once or twice a year to make sure you always have the best possible deal! Promotions may only be available at specific times of the month, season or year, so you may want to try calling at different times.

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