Checklist before shopping around for TV services!

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Checklist before you shop around
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What are my needs?

  • What type of programming do I prefer to watch (i.e.: sports, news, lifestyle, series, documentaries, etc.)?
  • What are my favorite channels?

What is my budget?

Right now, I subscribe to:

  • Cable
  • Internet Protocol TV
  • Satellite
  • The following online services (i.e. Netflix, Crave, Shomi, Tou.TV, Illico, etc.)

Right now, I pay ${#} a month to watch programming (TV subscription + online services).

In the future, ${#} is the maximum amount I would like to pay each month for programming.

What options are available to me?

There are the different options to watch programming available in Canada (more information).

  • Cable
  • Internet Protocol TV
  • Satellite
  • Online Service
  • Over-the-air
  1. Which of these options are available to me?
  2. Is some of my favorite content available through other means than traditional paid TV services (i.e. online, over-the-air, on-demand, etc.)?
  3. How many over-the-air channels are available in my area? (If you're not sure, contact a local antenna dealer.)
  4. Which providers offers services in my area? Check out the CRTC tool to find out.
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