Voter Contact Registry for Federal Elections

Who needs to register

If you call Canadians during a federal election period for any purpose related to an election (i.e., voter contact calls), or authorize such calls to be made, you may be required to file a Registration Notice with the Voter Contact Registry. These Registration Notices will be made public as soon as possible, following a 30-day period after the end of an election.

You must register if one or more of the following scenarios apply to you:

  • You are making calls using an automatic dialing-announcing device (ADAD), also known as robocalling;
  • You have entered into an agreement with a calling service provider to make either live or ADAD calls, for voter contact calling services;
  • You are a calling service provider who is providing voter contact calling services in accordance with an agreement; and,
  • You are a third party (for example, a corporation or group other than a registered political party or a registered association) and you are making live calls using your internal services.

You do not need to register if:

  • You are a candidate, nomination contestant, a registered political party, electoral district association or individual and you are making live calls using your internal services.

Find out who needs to register (infographic)

Registration is valid only for the election during which you have registered. You have to register again for the next federal elections, by-elections, or referendum if you want to contact voters.

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