Frequently Asked Questions about the VCR

As a calling service provider, can I name several clients or do I have to file registration notices for each?

At this time, separate registration notices must be filed for each client who has entered into an agreement with the calling service provider.

As a Registered Party ("Party"), we enter into agreements with Calling Service Providers ("CSP") who also provide voter contact calling services individual candidates. Who should register?

In this type of scenario, several registration notices are required:

  1. The CSP must file separate registrations notices for each agreement pursuant to which they provide voter contact calling services, i.e. with the party and with the individual candidates;
  2. The party must file a registration notice as a group who has entered into an agreement with the CSP;
  3. Each candidate must also file a registration notice as a person who has entered into an agreement with the CSP.

These registration notices must be filed no later than 48 hours after the first call is made under the agreement.

Information about ADAD calls where there is no solicitation

ADADs can be used to make calls that are not for the purpose of solicitation. There are certain rules that apply to these calls:

  • ADAD calls must begin with a clear message identifying the person or group on whose behalf the call is made. The message must also:
    • briefly describe the purpose of the call, and
    • include an email address or a postal mailing address and a local or toll-free number where representatives of the organization that sent the message can be reached. The numbers and addresses must be valid for at least 60 days after the call has been made.
  • If the ADAD message is longer than 60 seconds, the identification information must be repeated at the end of the call.
  • The screen on the called-person's phone must display the originating calling number or an alternate number where the political entity can be reached, except where number display is unavailable for technical reasons.

If a calling service provider makes calls on its own behalf, does it have to register twice – once as the CSP and once as the client?

No. In this instance, the CSP would file a registration notice only once, as a third party that is a corporation or group.

My company conducts public opinion telephone surveys throughout the year asking about voting intentions. Would this fall under the definition of voter contact calling services?

The definition of "voter contact calling services" is very inclusive.  As such, to the extent that such telephone surveys are conducted during the course of a federal election period and for any purpose related to an election, they likely constitute voter contact calling services.

Can I verify that someone making calls (or someone on whose behalf calls are being made) is registered with the Voter Contact Registry?

In accordance with the new provisions of the Canada Elections Act, the CRTC is required to publish registration notices promptly, but no later than 30 days after polling day.  Notices will now be published regularly.

Does registering with the National Do Not Call List also fulfill my obligations under the Voter Contact Registry?

Registering with the National DNCL does not fulfill your obligations under the Voter Contact Registry. You may have to file registration notices with the Voter Contact Registry and register with the National DNCL.

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