Plain Language Definitions for certain terms under VCR Registration

The following descriptions are provided for your convenience.  Please consult the Canada Elections Act for the applicable legal definitions of these terms.

Plain Language Definitions of registrants

A candidate, with a confirmed nomination, who is running in a federal election or by-election and is trying to be elected a member of Parliament.
Nomination Contestant
A person seeking to be named the official candidate of his or her political party in an electoral district during an election.
Registered Party
A political party that is registered in the registry of political parties and that complies with the requirements of the Canada Elections Act.
Registered Association (Electoral district, riding or constituency association)
Electoral district association, also known as a riding association or a constituency association. It is a local association of members of a political party in an electoral district. It is registered in the registry of electoral district associations.
Third Party
Third party means a person or a group, other than a registered party, registered association, candidate, or nomination contestant.
Registered Third party
A third party that is registered with Elections Canada. Any third party that spends $500 or more for election advertising must register with the Chief Electoral Officer and disclose their contributions and election spending.
Unregistered Third party
A third party that is not registered with Elections Canada.
Other group of persons acting together by mutual consent for a mutual purpose
Any other group not captured by the above.

Definition of internal services for voter contact calling

Internal services for the purpose of voter contact calls means:

  • in relation to a group, the services provided by its members or employees, and those provided to it free of charge by any individual;
  • in relation to a candidate, a nomination contestant or a third party who is an individual, the services provided by them personally or by their employees and those provided free of charge to the candidate, contestant or third party by any individual; and
  • in relation to a third party that is a corporation, the services provided by its employees and those provided to it free of charge by any individual.

Definition of official representative

In the case of a...

the official representative is...


the candidate themselves, their official agent, or  a person that their official representative has authorized in writing

Registered party

its chief agent

Nomination contestant

their financial agent

Registered association

its financial agent

Registered third party

its financial agent

Unregistered third party that is a corporation

the officer of the corporation who has signing authority for it

Unregistered third party that is a group

a person responsible for the group

Individual who is not a candidate, nomination contestant, or registered third party

the person themselves

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