Pick the best cell phone service plan for you

We strive to ensure all Canadians can find a wireless plan that meets their needs. Learn more about talk, text and data plans, and find out what we are doing to ensure Canadians have access to low-cost, occasional-use and data-only plans.

Services and information

Low-cost and occasional-use plans

Are you on a tight budget? Do you use your cell phone sparingly? Learn more about how we are making low-cost and occasional-use plans more accessible to Canadians.

Talk, text and data

Compare and pick a plan that fits your needs and know what questions you should ask yourself before you change your telecommunications service. Find tips on how to use your data efficiently.

Switch providers and keep your number

How to switch service providers and keep your number when you switch. Calculate your cancellation fees or cancel your services.

Data-only wireless plans in Canada

The wireless market in Canada is evolving. Learn more about the introduction of the new data-only wireless options and find a plan that is right for you.

Data plans, usage and fees

Service providers must notify you before you reach $50 in data overage fees during a billing cycle. Monitor your data usage!


Track your family’s data usage to avoid surprises

It’s always a shock to receive notification that almost all your data is done much sooner than expected.

Switching providers doesn’t mean having to switch phone numbers

So you’re thinking about switching cell phone service providers, but you’re worried you’ll have to change your phone number. No worries.

How to manage charges on your shared plan

Wondering who’s the boss of your shared cell phone plan?

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