Data-only wireless plans in Canada

Canadians are demanding greater choice of innovative and affordable mobile wireless services in Canada. Technology is everywhere and in every aspect of our lives.

In this constantly evolving digital world, Canadians rely more and more on wireless services to connect, work or even play online.

Our decision

In March 2018, we concluded that there was a gap in the wireless market for lower-cost data-only plans. We launched a proceeding to ensure that the gap was adequately filled by the national wireless providers.

As a result, the national wireless providers are introducing a variety of lower-cost data-only plans that were not previously available in the Canadian market. Some competitors have also introduced such plans, providing Canadians with more options. We want Canadians to have the flexibility to use the voice and messaging applications of their choice. Lower-cost data-only plans will provide that flexibility.

Providers such as Virgin, Lucky, Fido, Chatr, Public Mobile and Koodo have committed to offering plans that will range from $15 for 250 MB to $30 for 1GB on a prepaid and postpaid basis. The plans are to be widely available by April 2019.

Next steps

We will keep monitoring the implementation and availability of these plans over the coming months. In the meantime, we will let the plans evolve in the market.

While the introduction of these plans is a step in the right direction, there is more to be done. On February 28th, we launched a consultation on mobile wireless services. Through this review, we will look at ways to further improve the choice and affordability of mobile wireless services available to Canadians. Canadians are invited to share their views by May 15, 2019. As part of this review, the Commission will also hold a public hearing, beginning on January 13, 2020.

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