Your consumer rights for cell phones

We want Canadians to have access to high-quality wireless services at affordable prices. Learn more about mobile services available in Canada and what we are doing to empower Canadians to make informed choices about their cellular services and take advantage of competitive offers in the marketplace.

Services and information

Protected by the Wireless Code

Every Canadian with a mobile plan is protected by the Wireless Code. The Wireless Code sets out your consumer rights and the rules your provider must follow.

Postpaid versus prepaid services

Differences between postpaid and prepaid services.

Pick the best cell phone service plan for you

Learn more about low-cost, occasional-use, talk, text and data plans.

International roaming fees

What is roaming? Manage your charges and figure out what you need to do before you travel.


You can avoid extra charges on your shared plan

Wondering who’s the boss of your shared cell phone plan?

Changed your mind about your new wireless service?

You just got a new phone and now you really wish you could return it.

Having issues with your wireless network in a remote area?

Regardless of where you live, all Canadians should have access to voice and broadband Internet services, on both fixed and mobile wireless networks.

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