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The third call for applications targets transport projects, mobile wireless projects along major roads, and projects requiring operational funding to increase satellite transport capacity.

Applications submitted for the first and second calls for applications will not be considered in the third call for applications. You may, however, update your application and re-submit it if it is still eligible for this call.

Before you apply

1. Check if your project is eligible

For this call, we invite applications for the following types of projects:

  • transport infrastructure projects: a project that introduces or upgrades transport network capacity to one or more points of presence in underserved communities;
  • mobile wireless infrastructure projects: a project that builds or upgrades mobile connectivity to serve part of a major transportation road; and/or
  • projects requiring operational funding: to increase satellite transport capacity and to improve broadband Internet access service in satellite-dependent communities.

Note that the CRTC is placing increased emphasis, during the assessment phase, on (a) community consultation – meaningful consultation with affected communities and groups, and (b) resiliency – increasing the resiliency of new and/or existing telecommunications infrastructure.

Find out more in Telecom Notice of Consultation CRTC 2022-325.

2. Check if your project is located in an eligible geographic area

The map identifies communities without high-capacity transport infrastructure; where major transportation roads are without the latest generally deployed mobile wireless technology; and satellite-dependent communities. This map will tell you what areas in Canada are eligible for funding.

3. Check that you are eligible to apply for funding

Canadian corporations of all sizes; provincial, territorial, and municipal government organizations; and band councils or Indigenous governments can apply for funding.

Applicants must also be eligible to operate as a Canadian carrier, be financially solvent and reliable, and have experience both deploying and operating broadband infrastructure related to the proposed project type(s) in Canada for a minimum of three years (i.e. transport infrastructure for a transport project, or mobile infrastructure for a mobile wireless project).

You can also apply as a partnership, joint venture, or consortium composed of different entities.

4. Consult with communities and Indigenous groups affected by your project

  • Review the Map of Communities and Official Language Minority Communities and the Aboriginal and Treaty Rights Information System (ATRIS) to identify which communities would be affected by your project.
  • Follow the community consultation process with each community affected by your proposed project and provide the following evidence of your consultation efforts:
    • a list of communities and additional demographic details of each community affected by your project;
    • a broad overview of consultation efforts with each community, including copies of all notification letters sent to affected communities and/or groups; and
    • any responses received or any evidence demonstrating meaningful consultation.

If a proposed project presents a risk of an adverse impact to an established or asserted Indigenous or treaty right, a constitutional duty to consult and accommodate may arise. For more information, check out the Community consultation process and Indigenous and treaty rights page and the Application Guide.

Steps to apply

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