Broadcasting Notice of Consultation CRTC 2019-379-7

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References: 2019-379, 2019-379-1, 2019-379-2, 2019-379-3, 2019-379-4, 2019-379-5 and 2019-379-6

Ottawa, 9 February 2021

Public record: 1011-NOC2019-0379

Notice of hearing

11 January 2021
Gatineau, Quebec

New deadline for the filing of final submissions from interveners: 1 March 2021

New deadline for the filing of final reply by the Corporation: 17 March 2021

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In Broadcasting Notice of Consultation 2019-379-6, the Commission announced that it would be introducing additional process in regard to the Corporation’s licence renewal applications being considered in the context of the proceeding initiated by Broadcasting Notice of Consultation 2019-379.

In that notice, the Commission indicated that, for any parties appearing at the oral phase of the proceeding who may have been asked to provide written responses to Commission questions at the hearing, unless otherwise specified by the Commission, the deadline for the filing of such undertakings would be 3 February 2021. However, on the last day of the hearing, the Commission requested that the Corporation file a number of undertakings by no later than 8 February 2021. The Commission considers that it would be appropriate to extend the deadlines specified in Broadcasting Notice of Consultation 2019-379-6 for the filing of final submissions by interveners and of the final reply by the Corporation.

Accordingly, the Commission extends from 24 February 2021 to 1 March 2021 the deadline for the filing of final submissions from parties who have intervened in this proceeding, provided that a copy of a submission is also sent to the Corporation.

In addition, the Commission extends from 10 March 2021 to 17 March 2021 the deadline for the Corporation to file a final reply with the Commission, should it wish to do so.

The Commission reminds intervening parties that their final submissions should each not exceed 10 pages, whereas the Corporation’s final reply should not exceed 20 pages. Finally, whereas final submissions by intervening parties must address comments made only during the oral phase and in response to undertakings, the final reply by the Corporation may also address comments made in the final submissions filed by parties. The Commission will not take into consideration comments dealing with any other matters; such comments will not form part of the record of this proceeding. In addition, neither intervening parties in their final submissions nor the Corporation as part of its final reply are to introduce any new evidence.

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