Broadcasting Circular CRTC 2007-7

Ottawa, 18 october 2007

Administrative changes to broadcasting industry data collection

In this circular, the Commission provides notice of administrative changes to further streamline the collection of broadcasting data and sets out the administrative process for the transition to web-based filing for data currently gathered by means of paper-based filings.

In conjunction with this circular, the Commission is issuing Telecom Circular 2007-17, regarding changes to the collection of telecommunications data.

1. The Canadian broadcasting industry is required to provide information to the Commission and Statistics Canada using paper-based forms. Pay television and specialty service licensees file their annual statements of accounts directly with the Commission while data for broadcasting distribution undertaking (BDU), radio and television licensees is filed via the Statistics Canada Annual Return. In order to avoid the burden to licensees of making duplicate filings, Statistics Canada subsequently shares its data with the Commission.

2. Circular 404 and Circular 429 also address the filing of broadcasting information with the Commission.

3. The Commission already requires that telecommunications data be filed using its web-based Data Collection System (DCS). It is the Commission's intent that broadcasting data also be collected using DCS or its successors. The data currently collected via the Statistics Canada Annual Return will be collected under the authority of both the Broadcasting Information Regulations, 1993 and the Statistics Act. Each form in DCS will indicate the authority under which the data is being collected.

4. Beginning with the reporting period that ended 31 August 2007, certain licensees will be required to submit their BDU annual statements of accounts via DCS. This requirement to file data electronically will be communicated to the affected licensees directly. All other licensees will file data in the same manner as in prior years until informed otherwise.

5. The Commission notes that different rules regarding the confidentiality of data apply depending on the applicable authority to collect. Circular 429, which sets out guidelines for the confidential treatment of annual returns, still applies to data filed by means of DCS under the authority of the Broadcasting Information Regulations, 1993.

6. Each legal entity that is required to submit industry data via DCS must nominate a Response Manager within its organization. The Response Manager is the single point-of-contact for the Commission in managing the form completion process on behalf of the applicable entity. Details concerning how to appoint or replace a Response Manager can be found at the following Internet site:

7. Various filings to the Commission require the submission of affidavits and/or annual compliance statements. Where compliance statements or affidavits are required to be submitted electronically as part of the web-based DCS, entities are to submit scanned copies of their compliance statement or affidavit. The original of the compliance statement or affidavit is to be kept at the entity's premises and made available to the Commission on request.

8. Further details concerning how to file using DCS, who will be required to do so, as well as the full list of activities requiring web-based filings in DCS can be found at the following Internet site:

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