Rates (Disputes/Issues)(8661) 2008

File using the On-line Services

Date File # / Subject Decision
2008-12-16 8661-N51-200817398
NorthernTel, Limited Partnership - Application for the creation of an expanded local calling area between Black River Matheson and Ramore (Decision 2002-56)
File Closed
2008-11-26 8661-C122-200815889
Cybersurf Corp - Application for relief against chronic overbilling and disconnection by Bell
File Closed
2008-11-10 8661-P54-200815251
Public Works and Government Services Canada - Application requesting a finding of fact regarding whether Bell has complied with its obligations
2008-10-10 8661-C12-200814732
Examination of the proposed changes to the costing methodologies for the use of company-specific WFFs and recovery of past introduction costs not fully recovered
2008-10-14 8661-M59-200813859
MTS Allstream Inc. - Application concerning TELUS' rate increase on regulated inter-exchange channel services
2008-10-09 8661-B54-200813635
Bell Aliant Regional Communications, Limited Partnership and Bell Canada (the Companies) - Application requesting ratification of the charging of certain rates by the Companies otherwise than in accordance with an approved tariff
2008-10-03 8661-M59-200813445
MTS Allstream Inc. - Application concerning overcharging for CDN DS1 access service by Bell Canada and Bell Aliant
2008-08-29 8661-T66-200811431
TELUS Communications Company - Application for declaration
2008-08-26 8661-T66-200811530
TELUS Communications Company - To recover the Wireline Portion of the Costs Associated with the implementation of number plan area relief in TELUS' Incumbent Serving Territory
2008-06-27 8661-M22-200808991
Maskatel inc. and Téléphone Drummond inc. - Anti-competitive Marketing Practices by Cogeco in Drummondville and St-Hyacinthe
2008-06-05 8661-C12-200807779
Public Notice 2008-5 - Review of regulatory requirements pertaining to the imputation test for retail services and to costing methodologies for wholesale services
2008-05-21 8661-T66-200807240
TELUS Communications Company - Application to recover the wireline portion of the costs to implement wireless number portability
2008-03-14 8661-Y6-200804106
Yak Communications (Canada) Corp. - Billing and Collection Service Processing Charges
2008-01-04 8661-P8-200800088
Public Interest Advocacy Centre (PIAC) for Consumer Groups - Application regarding billing practices of TELUS Communications Company ($2.95 Long Distance Access Fee)
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