Rates (Disputes/Issues)(8661): 2005

File using the On-line Services

Date                File # / Subject Decision     
2005-09-09 8661-C12-200510562
PN 2005-13 - Bell Canada proposal for VoIP service pricing in Ontario and Quebec

2005-09-07 8661-A53-200510570
Aliant Telecom Inc. - Application regarding follow-up to Telecom Decision CRTC 2005-6, Competitor Digital Network Services
2005-09-07 8661-S9-200510588
Shaw Communications Inc. - Application requesting revision to the PSO tariff by Thunder Bay Telephone of its Partial Systems Offering Plant
2005-07-07 8661-C12-200507973
PN 2005-9 - Bell Digital Voice Service
2005-07-05 8661-T66-200508038
TELUS Communications Inc. - Location of Competitor Point of Presence (further to Decision 2005-6
2005-05-03 8661-X4-200505373
Xit télécom inc. et Télécommunications Xittel inc. - Application to Order Télébec to file a tariff for the network service provided by Télébec to CRDAT of Abitibi (pursuant to Order 2005-134)
File Closed
2005-04-24 8661-R27-200505357
Royal Canadian Air Cadets - Application for amendments to Tariff CRTC 1005
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