Competitive Disputes (8622) : 2003

Date                File # / Subject Decision     
2003-10-24 8622-B2-200315053

Bell Canada against FCI Broadband - Request that the Commission take appropriate action in accordance with the MDU Access Condition

File closed
2003-10-06 8622-C25-200313932

Call-Net Enterprises Inc. - Bell Canada and Telus - Marketing of DSL services

File Closed
2003-10-06 8622-F18-200313875

FCI Broadband - Bell Canada's advertising practices at the residential MDU N.Y. Towers

File closed
2003-09-24 8622-C73-200314469

Câble-Axion Digitel inc. v. Bell Canada concerning the bidding of a private network for fiber optic for the Commission scolaire des Hauts-Cantons

2003-09-24 8622-F18-200312819

FCI Broadband - Application for order directing that ILECs must provide retail DSL service to customers who choose competitive local service

2003-09-23 8622-S9-200312710 (8622-S9-200319188)

Shaw Cablesystems G.P. - Telus internet promotions and bundles

2003-08-27 8622-R23-200400482

Raftview Communications Ltd. - Violation of the Telecommunications Act by TELUS

2003-08-08 8622-D19-200310821

Dramis Network - Request for parity to lift anti-competitive fees imposed on interconnects by Aliant

File closed
2003-07-28 8622-V3-200309908

Vidéotron Ltée -  Application to prohibit monopoly bundling

File closed
2003-06-27 8622-R4-200308115

Rogers Communications Inc. -  Application to prohibit monopoly bundling

2003-06-26 8622-E17-200308123

Bragg Communications Inc. (Eastlink) against Aliant Telecom Inc. re non-compliance with Public Notice 2003-1-1 and the bundling rules

2003-06-25 8622-T42-200308157

TELUS Communications Inc. vs. Allstream Inc. (formerly AT&T Canada) - DS3 Channelization

File closed
2003-06-16 8622-C122-200307456

Cybersurf Corp - Request to order Shaw Cablesystems GP to resell its high speed internet service to Cybersurf

2003-05-29 8622-C25-200306789

Call-Net Enterprises Inc. - Application to promote local residential competition

2003-05-23 8622-C95-200306706

Convergia Networks Inc. - Proposed Termination of Service by Bell Canada - Urgent request for injunctive relief

File closed
2003-05-20 8622-C95-200306581

Convergia Networks Inc. - Bell Canada's refusal to reconfigure DS-1 Circuit

File closed
2003-05-06 8622-U11-200306135

Union des Consommateurs - Complaint againts AT&T Canada for non compliance with Telecom Order CRTC 2001-193

File closed
2003-04-15 8622-A4-200304957

AT&T Canada -  Application seeking a number of interim and final orders directing the Respondents to file tariffs for a variety of "next generation" telecommunications services and facilities

2003-04-10 8622-C12-200304444

Public Notice 2003-4 - Measures with respect to incombent telephone company regulatory compliance

2003-04-02 8622-X4-200304387

4089316 Canada Inc. (Xit Télécom) Télécommunications Xittel inc. against Telus Quebec, relative to the provision of fibre optical private networks

2003-04-01 8622-X4-200304379

4089316 Canada Inc. (Xit Télécom) Télécommunications Xittel inc. against Bell Canada, relative to the provision of fibre optical private networks

2003-03-24 8622-C25-200303686

Application by Call-Net Enterprises Inc. - Bell Canada and Bell West non-compliance with Telecom Decision 2002-76

File closed
2003-03-18 8622-R11-200303603

Application by Rogers Wireless Inc. against Telus Communications Inc. respecting toll termination arrangements

2003-03-06 8622-M56-200303149

Request by François D. Ménard against Bell Canada and TCI, in relation to the provision of metropolitan Ethernet services on fiber optic and digital line services

File closed
2003-01-31 8622-N1-200301359

Northwestel Inc. - Application to remove the joint marketing and bundling prohibitions

2003-01-24 8622-C25-200300939

Call-Net Enterprises - Request for Commission to enforce local competition rules with respect to Bell Canada's treatment of Call-Net's local service requests

File closed
2003-01-17 8622-C25-200300666

Call-Net Enterprises - Application for order directing that ILECs must provide retail DSL service to customers who choose competitive local service

2003-01-16 8622-A53-200300674

Aliant Telecom - Request for clarification on the mechanisms and processes for creation of an expanded local calling area as set out in decision 2002-56

2003-01-15 8622-C12-200300203

Public Notices 2003-1 and 2003-1-1 - Review of winback promotions

2003-01-07 8622-B7-200300294

Bruce MTS - Request for Bruce Power Generation to cease and desist from providing local exchange services in a Independent Telepone companies serving territory


*NFAR = No further action required

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