Raftview Communications Ltd.: 8622-R23-200400482

Violation of the Telecommunications Act by TELUS

2004-05-07 - Telecom Decison CRTC 2004-30 The Commission denies an application by Raftview Communications Ltd. dated 27 August 2003, requesting that the Commission direct TELUS Communications Inc. to cease and desist from offering toll-free dial-up Internet service to local exchanges where it does not locate its servers and technical Internet staff. Reference: 8622-R23-200400482.

2004-02-16 - Raftview Communications Ltd.
Description:  Raftview Communications has received the response of Telus Communications to our complaint of August 27, 2003 that Telus is giving Telus.net unde preference by routing its dial-up Internet calls toll-free from Clearwater to Vancouver, B.C.
Document: 040216.pdf - 156KB

2004-02-06 - TELUS Communications Inc.
Description: TELUS is in receipt of a complaint filed by Raftview on 27 August 2003, and which the Commission indicated in its letter of 21 January 2004, will be treated as an application under Part VII of the CRTC Telecommunications Rules of Procedure. In accordance with the procedures governing Part VII applications, attached is the Answer of TELUS
Document: 040206.doc - 72KB

2004-01-21 - Commission Letter - English Version Only - "Hard Copy Document"
Description: Letter addressed to Raftview Communications Ltd., TELUS Communications Inc. - Re: Further to the letter dated 27 August 2003 by Raftview Communications Ltd.

2003-08-27 - Raftview Communications Ltd.
Description: Violation of the Telecommunications Act by TELUS
Document: 030827.pdf - 142KB

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