Vidéotron Ltée: 8622-V3-200309908

Application to prohibit monopoly bundling

File Closed - 2003/09/08 - Commission Letter

2003/09/08 - Commission Letter - English Version Only - "Hard Copy Document"
Files #: 8622-R4-200308115, 8622-V3-200309908
Description: Letter addressed to Quebecor Média inc. - Re: Application by Videotron ltée to Prohibit the Bunding of Monopoly Services and Support to Rogers Communications Inc. Application to the same object

2003/07/28 - Vidéotron Ltée
Description: In accordance with the Telecommunications Act and Part VII of the Telecommunications Rules of Procedure, Vidéotron ltée (“Vidéotron”) requests that the Commission prohibit the bundling of de facto monopoly services with competitive services. This document provides as well comments on the application by Rogers Communications Inc. (“Rogers”), dated June 27, 2003.
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