Staff Mediation (Arbitration)(8670): 2001

Date File number Subject Decision
2001-09-19 8670-W26-01/01 White, James R. - 10-digit dialing requirement in area code 604   
2001-09-07 8670-B2-02/01 Bell Canada and Infolink Communications - Alleged Tariff Violation D2004-65
2001-06-20 8670-E29-01/01 e-Novations ComNet Inc. vs Aliant - Seeking expedited resolution to a dispute surrounding the denial of the application by e-Novations to attach to the support structures of Aliant   
2001-06-18 8670-D23-01/01 Directory Publishers vs. TELUS and TCBC - Dispute regarding BLIF Service Tariffs Closed
2001-06-11 8670-Z2-01/01 ZFI vs Bell Canada - Demarcation Point Location for Provisioning of Pay Telephone Basic Access Line Service   
2001-04-11 8670-P29-01/01 Paytel Canada vs Sprint - Billing for Toll Free Calls Closed
2001-02-23 8670-A4-02/01 AT&T Canada Corp. vs Telus Communications - Co-location space in the Mutual Central Office (CO) Closed
2001-02-08 8670-P25-01/01 Pilgrim Telephone, Inc. vs Bell Canada - Billing and Collection Services  
2001-02-02 8670-A4-01/01 AT&T Canada Corp. vs Bell Canada - Expansion of Co-Location Space O2001-695
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