Competitive Disputes (8622): 2001

Date          File number Subject       Décision    
2001-11-05 8622-C25-13/01 Call-Net Enterprises -  Requesting order directing Bell Canada Inc. to cease and desist contravention of Section 27(2) of the Telecom. Act D2002-74
2001-10-18 8622-E31-01/01 Edsonet - Seeking immediate Relief regarding Predatory Pricing Practices by Telus  D2003-3
2001-09-24 8622-A4-16/01 AT&T Canada (on behalf of the Coalition for Better Co-Location) - To seek relief with respect to the co-location common cost rebate process  D2002-5
2001-09-20 8622-M47-01/01 - Request a ruling on Telus' discriminatory pricing of T1 service location common cost rebate process D2002-17
2001-08-15 8622-C51-02/01 CAIP - Regarding the Anti-Competitive Conduct of Bell Canada and its Affiliates in the Market for DSL Services D2002-37
2001-08-08 8622-P34-01/01 Gord Potter (GP Consulting) - Maintenance of connecting Links O2001-838
2001-07-24 8622-G7-01/01 GT Group on behalf of the Coalition for better Co-location - Regarding the specific location of remote switching facilities in the incumbent Local Exchange Carriers (ILECs) networks D2002-66
2001-06-14 8622-C12-14/01 Public Notice 2001-69 - Implementation of competition in the local exchange and local payphone markets in the territories of Télébec and TELUS (Québec) D2005-4
2001-06-05 8622-C25-12/01 Call-Net Enterprises Inc. - Clarification of the Local Exchange Win-Back Rules D2002-1
2001-05-14 8622-C25-11/01 Call-Net Enterprises on behalf of Coalition for Better Co-location - Regarding joint and several liability of interconnecting carriers and co-location space sub-licensees: CISC CLG Consensus Report #CLRE017 - Sub-Licensing of Co-location Space D2001-608
2001-02-16 8622-A4-18/01 AT&T, Bell, Call-Net, etc - ILEC service interval for unbundled local loops D2002-14
2001-02-09 8622-C12-13/01 Public Notice 2001-24 - Competition in the local exchange and local payphone markets in the territories of Québec-Téléphone and Télébec ltée CO2004-1
2001-02-08 8622-P25-01/01 Pilgrim Telephone vs Bell Canada - Billing and Collection Services  
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