TELUS Communications Company (TCC) - AMT 393 - 2010-08-18 - # 8740-T66-201013911

Tarif général - Service gestionnaire d'appels Internet et Service de gestion des appels

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2011-01-27 - Ordonnance de télécom CRTC 2011-54 Société TELUS Communications – Retrait du service Afficheur Internet
Numéros de dossiers : AMT 393 de TCI; AMT 4339 de TCBC

2010-11-22 - Lettre du Conseil
Dossier #: 8740-T66-201013911 - 8740-T46-201013945
Description: Lettre adressée à TELUS Communications Company - Objet: Avis de modification tarifaire 393 et 4339  – Service gestionnaire d'appels Internet et Service de gestion des appels

2010-11-01 - Lettre du Conseil
Dossier #: 8740-T66-201013911 - 8740-T46-201013945
Description: Lettre adressée à TELUS Communications Company - Objet: Avis de modification tarifaire 393 et 4339 – Service gestionnaire d'appels Internet et Service de gestion des appels

2010-10-22 - George K. Edwards
Description:  We do not feel  that the reply to our letter of 12 September 2010 addresses our concerns at all.  In fact it is an example of big business running rough shod over the little guy.  It may also seem that not many people have written about this but we have come across a number of people who are very angry about this, unfortunately they have not written about their concerns.  We feel that less that .05% of people who have this service have written as they feel that it will not do any good anyway.
Document: 1457717.pdf - 249KO

2010-10-20 - Diane Haskell
Description: Further to my letter of September 1, 2010 wherein I listed my concerns for rural Albertans on Telus dial-up internet service currently using the Internet Call Director, a service which Telus has requested your office give permission to drop from its service to rural Albertans under Tariff No. 393 to become effective December 1, 2010.
Documents: 1457729.pdf - 37KO

2010-10-19 - Reid Williston / Lori Williston
Description: A letter was sent to us by TELUS regarding their application to discontinue TELUS ICD service.  We realize a response was to be received by September 27, 2010 however we would like a response regarding the TELUS service in our area.
Document: 1458552.pdf - 46KO

2010-10-08 - Doug Colwell
Description:  In light of Hal Reirson's letter dated Oct. 7 which details TELUS' proposal to offer ICD customers a discount on a 2nd line pending approval of their application to withdraw ICD service, I am withdrawing my objections to TELUS' application.
Documents: 1457731.pdf - 6KO

2010-10-07 - TELUS Communications Company
Description: TELUS Communications Company (“TELUS” or the “Company”) is in receipt of written comments from the following parties in response to its tariff application (“TN-393/4339”) to withdraw Internet Call Director (“ICD”) Service from General Tariff (CRTC 21461) Item 300, Call Management Services and from General Tariff (CRTC 1005) Item 405 with an effective date of December 1, 2010:
Document: 1449686.pdf - 48KO

2010-10-04 - Doug Colwell
Description: Why are the ICD customer usage statistics that were freely provided by TELUS in its original application suddenly confidential in TELUS' Response to Interrogatory?  Are only (#%) of the numbers accurate?
Document: 1457732.pdf - 26KO

2010-09-30 - TELUS Communications Company
Description: TELUS Communications Company (“TELUS”) is herewith filing its responses to Commission interrogatories received on 16 September 2010. TELUS is filing portions of interrogatory responses TELUS(CRTC)16Sep10-1 and TELUS(CRTC)16Sep10-2 in confidence with the Commission. Abridged copies of the confidential interrogatory responses are being provided for the public record.
Document: 1446103.pdf - 41KO

2010-09-27 - Robert Moody and Patricia Moody
Description: I am a resident of Burton, B.C. which is a small rural community, we are presently on dial-up service.  I understand that Telus has applied to discontinue their Internet Call Director Service (ICD) as of Dec 1, 2010.
Document: 1446563.pdf - 40KO

2010-09-27 - Moore, Diane
Description:  I am writing in regard to the recent advice that TELUS has applied to withdraw the TELUS Internet Call Director (ICD) service.  They have advised that there are subsitutes available, specifically that users who access the Internet over a dial-up connection should;
Document: 1444755.dpf - 17KO

2010-09-27 - Doug Colwell
Description: Please ask TELUS if 23 percent ICD usage means that a phone call activated the ICD service during 23 percent of dial-up sessions.  Does TELUS consider a dial-up session where no incoming phone calls are received as being non-usage?
Document: 1444133.pdf - 6KO

2010-09-25 - Corrie Colborne, Brett Colborne and Colborne Lumber Ltd.
Description: I am writing in regards to the Telus application to withdraw Internet Call Director (ICD) service.
Document: 1443470.pdf - 54KO

2010-09-24 - Elizabeth Myslickl
Description: We received a letter in regards to the Internet Call Director Program getting axed as of December 1, 2010 as there is no demande for this.  What about Us?
Document: 1443463.pdf - 35KO

2010-09-24 - Marilyn Spencer
Description: I am very upset that we are loosing our ICD.  The alternatives that we where given are not that great either.
Document: 1443477.pdf - 35KO

2010-09-24 - Harold Schlienz
Description: For reasons that are blatantly obvious I must ask you to not approve the request from TELUS to cancel their Internet Call Director for its Dial-up customers.  I live in a rural neighbourhood without cell service that has been bypassed by the TELUS broadband network because they deem it not to be financially feasible to extend it this far.
Document:1443478.pdf - 24KO

2010-09-24 - Doug Colwell
Description: In regards to Suzanne Bédard's Letter to Hal Reirson dated Sept. 16, (the second Interrogatory addressed to TELUS);
Document: 1443481.pdf - 17KO

2010-09-24 - Estelle Lefurgy
Description: Telus has informed me that their Internet Call Director service will no longer be available as they have applied to CRTC to discontinue.  I adamantly disagree with this business decision as it mainly affects rural Canadians who already forego a great deal of service from Telus.
Document: 1443484.doc - 5KO

2010-09-23 - Bert Johnston - Val Johnston
Description: We are very unhappy to here they are trying to discontinue Internet Call Director, whats next. We live in the country and our Telus Service is just terrible.  Can only get Dial-up, have no cell service available, can't speak to anyone locally about the poor service as calls go to the phillipines, what is happening to our services.
Document: 1443129.pdf  - 30KO

2010-09-22 - Wayne Borle
Description: I use this all the time as I only have dial up connection to get the Telus Internet that I have at present time. This service is somthing that I use all the time, and don't want Telus to drop it.
Document: 1442352.pdf - 45KO

2010-09-20 - Sandra Johnstone
Description: I am writing regarding Telus' application - Tariff Notice No. 393 to withdraw Internet Call Director service.  The application states that due to declining demand they have appllied to the CRTC to discontinue this service as of Dec 1, 2010.
Document: 1441475.pdf - 17KO

2010-09-18 - Melissa Fuller
Description:  I am writing concerning an application that Telus has made to CRTC to discontinue the Internet Call Director Service, which notifies us of incoming calls when we're using the internet.
Document: 1441869.doc - 5KO

2010-09-16 - Lettre du Conseil
Dossier #: 8740-T66-201013911- 8740-T46-201013945
Description: Lettre adressée à TELUS Communications Company (TCC) et TCBC  - Objet: Avis de modification tarifaire 393 et 4339 – Service gestionnaire d'appels Internet et Service de gestion des appels

2010-09-16 - Linda Sked
Description: Telus has notified me that they have made application to discontinue providing Internet Call Director (I believe they said to low demand).
Document: 1449658.pdf - 147KO

2010-09-16 - Watt, Val
Description: I have been a loyal customer of B.C.Tel and Telus all my adult life but because of their planned withdrawal of this service I am forced to look at other servers for my internet.  This will probably involve the installation of a satellite dish.  More expense.
Document: 1444406.pdf - 54KO

2010-09-16 - Lyle Zimmerman
Description: I was very disappointed to receive a letter stating that Telus would no longer be offering the Telus Internet Call Director (ICD) service.  I live in an area that does not have the have the High Speed Internet service or cell service, and do not feel that I should have to pay for an additional phone line such as Telus suggested.
Document: 1442142.pdf - 177KO

2010-09-15 - Doug Colwell
Description:  As a rural subscriber to Telus land line and dial-up service I would like to boice my opposition to Teleus' prosposal to disctoninue its Internet Call director (ICD) feature.  The ICD feature is the only biable method available to me (and to others on the edges of Telus' network)  to mak dial-up internet compatible with phone service.
Document: 1440236.pdf - 39KO

2010-09-14 - Richard Rujanschi
Description: Our community has mainly dial up service, even though recently a small company set up wireless service it is only by line of sight to their tower and as our community is in the Cariboo Mountains this service is only available to a small number of people.
Document: 1442147.pdf - 174KO

2010-09-13 - Barbara d'Easum
Description:  I am writing with a response to your letter of August 18, 2010, and also a copy to the CRTC, to voice my concerns with regards to the application to discontinue the service of the Internet Call Director (ICD).  We live in rural Merritt, BC.......23 km west of Merritt..... and are unable to receive high-speed internet.
Document: 1438972.pdf - 42KO

2010-09-13 - Ted Perizzolo / Mary-Lynn Perizzolo
Description:  We are writing in response to a letter we received from Teleus regarding an application they have made to the CRTC to have the TElus Internet Call Director service discontinued as of December 1, 2010.
Document: 1438812.pdf - 30KO

2010-09-12 - George K. Edwards
Description:  The feature Internet Call Director is very important to us as we receive a number of business calls and do not wish to miss them when we are connected to the internet.
Document: 1438384.pdf - 21KO

2010-09-10 - Eric Petri / Amelia Petri
Description:  I wish to recored my opposition to the above noted Telus application to cancel their Internet Call Director service as of December 1, 2010.  At this time that is one of the very few servcies Telus offers in this area.  And it is one we find very useful.
Document: 1438380.pdf - 22KO

2010-09-08 - Paula Howley
Description:  My husband and I own and operate a small landscaping business in Egmont, British Columbia.  My husband also works for B.C. Ferries. We live in a remote area and do a great deal of work over the internet.  There is unfortunately, no high speed cable internet available in our area and satellite internet is expensive and unreliabe in the winter months due to stromy weather.
Document: 1438370.pdf - 46KO

2010-09-07 - Doreen Belisle
Description: I recently received a letter from Telus explaining their application; a copy of the letter is inlcuded.  I called Telus to see what they could replace the "Internet Call Director" service with for the same price and was informated that there is no replacement.
Document: 1441471.pdf - 1522KO

2010-09-07 - Wayne Jarvis / Renée Claude Jarvis
Description: I'm writing this to you in regards to Telus's application Tariff Notice No. 393 dated August 18, 2010 for the discontinued Internet Call Director ICD service.  I'm a pensioner living in rural British Coumbia on a small pension and rely on the ICD service.
Document: 1438394.pdf - 321KO

2010-09-07 - Harald Tilgner
Description: I received a communication (letter) from Telus, the telephone company providing my telephone service(?). They informed me of their intent to discontinue one of the services they provide. It is called Internet Call Director (ICD) claiming that there is not enough demand for this service any longer.
Document: 1437176.doc - 6KO

2010-09-07 - Caroline Pomahac / Russell Pomahac
Description: We recently received notice from Telus that they have applied to the CRTC to discontinue the internet Call Director Service (CDS).  We feel this is unfair as the only alternatives offered to us were either not possible or not economically acceptable.
Document: 1436909.pdf - 32KO

2010-09-06 - Debra Lesiuk
Description: I STRONGLY object to allowing Telus to withdraw the internet call director service (ICD).  I think they must be pretty confident that this will pass because they have already taken the step of removing the item from their 'bundles' thereby forcing me to opt for voicemail and ICD seprartely and increasing my costs by a few dollars a month.
Document: 1440456.pdf - 2014KO

2010-09-04 - Roger Befurt / Debbie Riddell
Description: We are writing to request that you do not grant Telus' application to remove its Internet Call Director (ICD) service effective December 1, 2010.
Document: 1436244.pdf - 73KO

2010-09-03 - Maxine Ouellet / Ed Shopa
Description: We live in a Rural Area only about 10 miles outside of Quesnel BC.  As of this date we still have the only Choice of Dial Up Internet, No option of any High Speed Internet.  Which to our understanding, Telus had received The funding Years ago to provide All of BC with High Speed Internet.  So at this time we have no other choice but to use Dial Up.
Document: 1452513.pdf - 73KO

2010-09-01 - Marilee Yakunin
Description: I am writing to object to the removal of the Internet Call Director service.  I live in a relatively populated area, however Telus tells me my lines are too old for any form of high speed internet; the three microwave high speed providers in my area all state, after testing, that I am "in the dead zone".
Document: 1438048.pdf - 201KO

2010-09-01 - Kerri Danner
Description: I would like to voice my concerns regarding Telus' intention of withdrawing its Internet Call Director service under Tariff Notice No. 393 to become effective December 1, 2010 with the approval of your office.
Document: 1436239.pdf - 15KO

2010-09-01 - Haskell, Diane
Description: I would llike to voice my concerns regarding Telus's intention of withdrawing its Internet Call Director service under Tariff Notice No. 393 to become effective December 1, 2010 with the approval of your office.
Document: 1435128. pdf - 29KO

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