2003/01/27 - #8740-B20-200301094 - Bell Canada (National Services Tariff) - TN 756 - National Services Tariff - Master Agreement, Managed Utility Service, Complex Packaged Arrangements and Strategic Partnership Arrangement

Application withdrawn- Commission Letter - 2005-05-31

Reference: 8638-C12-80/02

2003/09/23 - Telecom Decision CRTC 2003-63 Review of Bell Canada's customer specific arrangements filed pursuant to Telecom Decision 2002-76. The Commission finds that the tariffs accompanying the customer specific arrangements (CSAs) filed by Bell Canada pursuant to the Commission's direction in Regulatory safeguards with respect to incumbent affiliates, bundling by Bell Canada and related matters, Telecom Decision CRTC 2002-76, do not meet the Commission's requirements in regard to the rates, terms and conditions that should be publicly available in the tariffs. The Commission sets out the criteria in regard to the level of detail that Bell Canada must provide in the tariffs accompanying CSAs and directs Bell Canada to resubmit the proposed tariffs for approval. Reference: TNs 751, 752, 754, 754A, 755, 755A, 756, 757, 758, 758A, 759, 760, 762, 762A, 764, 765, 767, 769, 769A, 770, 771, 772, 774, 780, 781, 786, 787, 788, 789, 6732, 6733, 6734, 6735, 6736, 6736A, 6740, 6740A and 8638-C12-80/02. (.pdf)

2005-06-20 - Commission Letter
Description: Letter addressed to Bell Canada - Subject: Withdrawal of Proposed Tariff Pages for Customer Specific Arrangement P1-52

2005-05-31 - Commission Letter
Files # : 8740-B20-200301094, 8740-B20-200301078,
8740-B20-200313669, 8740-B20-200411505, 8740-B20-200300913, 8740-B20-200412239, 8740-B20-2003028038740-B20-200410548,
8740-B20-200302571, 8740-B20-200411372, 8740-B20-200312942, 8740-B20-200303488, 8740-B20-200411380, 8740-B20-200303066,
8740-B20-200412081, 8740-B20-200303488, 8740-B20-200314831, 8740-B20-200302878, 8740-B20-200318800, 8740-B20-200307563,
8740-B20-2003025558740-B20-200310837, 8740-B2-200303454
Description: Letter addressed to Bell Canada - Subject: Request to withdraw Proposed Tariff Pages for Customer Specific Arrangements

2005-05-19 - Bell Canada
Description: Request to withdraw Proposed Tariff Pages for certain Customer Specific Arrangements for which Tariffs are not required
050519.zip - 32KB

2005-02-03 - Commission Letter
Files #: 8740-B20-200301094 - 8740-B20-200302209 - 8740-B20-200303389
Description: Letter addressed to Bell Canada - Re: Request to withdraw Customer Specific Arrangements filed under Tariff Notice Nos. 856, 758 and 772

2005-01-24 - Commission Letter
Files #: 8740-B20-200300906 - 8740-B20-200300913 - 8740-B20-200301078 - 8740-B20-200301086 - 8740-B20-200301094 - 8740-B20-200302414 - 8740-B20-200302654 - 8740-B20-200302828 - 8740-B20-200302878 - 8740-B20-200303470 - 8740-B20-200303488
Description: Letter addressed to Bell Canada - Re: Request to withdraw Proposed Tariff Pages to certain Customer Specific Arrangements - Company's proposal is accepted

2004-04-30 - Bell Canada
Description: Request to Withdraw Proposed Tariff Pages for Certain Customer Specific Arrangements for Which Tariffs are Not Required
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2004-03-22 - Bell Canada
Description: Pursuant to Telecom Decision CRTC 2003-63 (the Decision), dated 23 September 2003, at paragraph 91, the Commission directed the Company to address five Customer Specific Arrangements (CSAs) identified in the Decision within 90 days of the Decision.
Document: 040322.zip - 34KB

2003-10-24 - Bell Canada
Description: The attached imputation test associated with customer specific arrangement contract number P1-52, for services provided by Bell West, is provided pursuant to the Commission's letter of 18 July 2003 and the Company's letter of 31 July 2003. The Company notes that this arrangement expired 30 June 2003 and was not renewed.
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