2003/06/17 - #8740-B20-200307563 - Bell Canada (National Services Tariff) - TN 782 - National Services Tariff - Master Agreement - Customer Specific Arrangement

Application withdrawn - Commission Letter - 2005-05-31

2003-08-11 - Telecom Order CRTC 2003-328 The Commission approves on an interim basis, an ex parte application by Bell Canada, dated 17 June 2003 to introduce Special Facilities Tariff item 720. Reference: TN 782 (National Services Tariff).

2005-05-31 - Commission Letter
Files # : 8740-B20-200301094, 8740-B20-200301078,
8740-B20-200313669, 8740-B20-200411505, 8740-B20-200300913, 8740-B20-200412239, 8740-B20-2003028038740-B20-200410548,
8740-B20-200302571, 8740-B20-200411372, 8740-B20-200312942, 8740-B20-200303488, 8740-B20-200411380, 8740-B20-200303066,
8740-B20-200412081, 8740-B20-200303488, 8740-B20-200314831, 8740-B20-200302878, 8740-B20-200318800, 8740-B20-200307563,
8740-B20-2003025558740-B20-200310837, 8740-B2-200303454
Description: Letter addressed to Bell Canada - Subject: Request to withdraw Proposed Tariff Pages for Customer Specific Arrangements

2005-05-19 - Bell Canada
Description: Request to withdraw Proposed Tariff Pages for certain Customer Specific Arrangements for which Tariffs are not required
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