Online consultation: Internet Code

From February 21 to March 4, 2019 we consulted Canadians via CRTC’s Facebook page about the creation of a possible Internet Code.

We wanted input from Canadians on the following questions:

Please note that the comments are posted in the language in which they were provided on the English Facebook page. Consult the comments that were submitted on the French Facebook page.

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General comments

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Stop the monopoly of Bell and Rogers. Most expensive data plans in the world for the least data. 36 - - - - -
- Oligopoly - - - - - -
 Xplorenet is HORRID !! - - - - - -
All internet plans should be priced by speed and not data caps. Data is not required to be mined or manufactured. All plans should be unlimited by default. It is unbelievable we still do not have that in Canada. 14 - 1 - - -
- That means they'd have to lower speeds. They sell Internet transit well below data costs, and they make money by over-subscribing it (which is reasonable and a long-time strategy of ISPs). If you were to pay full price for the bandwidth as if it was dedicated, it would be many times more money. - - - - - -
Do you actually believe what you just wrote? Bandwidth costs a hundredth of a fraction of a cent. - - - - - -
Have the CRTC ever actually worked for the consumers in Canada to work on getting fair prices for internet, cell phone plans and data plans? Have the CRTC ever thought of rural areas and access issues and how unaffordable those plans are for rural residents? 62 5 4 - - -
- That is not quite true, under JP Blais, during his 5 years, the CRTC made great strides for the consumer. Unfortunately someone decided not to renew his tenure and instead replaced him with a know telecom lobbyist (Ian Scott) who has since virtually destroyed any forward progress Blais made and then some. And there is no "perceived conflict of interest" with Ian Scott--his entire career was as a lobbyist for big Telecom and even served on the CRTC while collecting a lobbyist salary. How someone like this was granted the most powerful position in this country over-seeing the telecom sector in the best interest of the canadian consumer is beyond me and completely baffling. 19 - - - - -
Actually, 3 years ago they voted for Net neutrality. If they hadn't bell would have reared its filthy, disgusting, vomitous, villainous, vermin head and we'd be super screwed. 4 - - - - -
Good grief - like it could get anymore corrupt than it is already??? Time for Canadians to know who these CRTC creatures are - no? 8 - - - - -
I’d say we are anyway. 1 - - - - -

Ma Bell is not sweet anymore
4 - - - - -
LMAO, the "net neutrality" fiasco started because Videotron wanted to give free data to it's customers in partnership with some music streaming apps. Bell threw a hissy fit about it and then bamo "net neutrality" was born. It had nothing to do with keeping a free and open internet but was a corporate battle to protect the Incumbents pockets and allow them to keep gouging the Canadian consumer for wireless data. This same clause was removed from the net neutrality bill in the states and now every wireless provider is offering unlimited data plans and those plans have sunk to a mere fraction of what it costs us here. 5 - - 2 - -
please educate yourself on what Net Neutrality is... 
"net neutrality, is the principle that Internet service providers should treat all Internet communications equally and not discriminate or charge differently based on user, content, website, platform, application, type of equipment, or method of communication. When net neutrality is required, Internet service providers (ISPs) may not intentionally block, slow down, or charge money for specific online content. Without net neutrality regulations, ISPs may prioritize certain types of traffic, meter others, or potentially block traffic from specific services, while charging consumers for various tiers of service."
4 - - - - -
unreal prices in cities as well 😡😡😡 2 - - - - -
Billing is always an issue, no matter which service provider used. More clarity needed. 2 - - - - -
SO the CRTC supports their people at collecting BRIBES eh,,,,,Is there a few Liberals working for them?????? 1 - - - - -
Bell gives a discount of a few $$ then a couple of months later back to the old $238. So wrong!! 2 - - - - 1
well said - - - - - -
are there?...not is there? Do you actually think the Liberals are the only corrupt political party? It's more of a matter of which corrupt party you prefer.... 1 - - - - -
Canadian internet should always remain uncensored. Any provider even thinking about censoring information should be stopped. It is clearly a self serving propaganda. Finally, CRTC should not be allowed to hire former Big Telecom employees again for the same reason. Current state of Canadian Internet clearly shows that CRTC is working for the big telecom and not for Canadians. 13 1 - - - 1
- Well said!! 2 - - - - -
You are right. Since the latest administration settled in, there has been nearly 4 years of *COMPLETE* stall on providing any third-party wholesale access. And they've been giving billions to the big Telcos again, to service rural areas - which they have more than enough income to service. 1 - - - - -
Prohibit the practice of contracts that are still subject to increases in price. The monthly charge must be the same for the duration of the contract. 17 2 - - - -
- This is a great idea and a court, not too long ago, ruled against Bell for this very practice of trying to state the customer was told that the rebate was valid for a certain term but the "base price" was subject to increases. 3 - - - - -
 If the provider breaks the contract with a price increase you, the co tract is then null and void. 1 - - - - -
Jeremy Van Veelen Bell and Telus word their contracts so only the discount is guaranteed. The base price can increase whenever. 1 - - - - -
How about making unlimited internet packages available regardless of the type of service. Some rural areas are being hit with massive bills because they’re not able to get larger packages on a mobility offering when they don’t have access to broadband internet or other alternatives. $20/10GB is expensive when you’re already over the existing data limit and there isn’t a higher package available. 32 3 - - - -
- A very good point. Data costs Big Telecom pennies yet, on wireless, they charge a small fortune and provide very little. It is a cash cow they have been using to gouge Canadians for years and should be abolished. 8 1 - - - -
 I agree! We live in a area where 5 down and 1 up is the max speed we can get. With 3 kids in school it's not enough. But I have LTE+ on my cellphone. Mobile data is robbery! 7 1 - - - -
The draft internet bill seems to dance all around but never address what the customer expects when purchasing a service. How about identifying that a provider who advertises and sells a service is required to provide at the consumers residence at all times 75% of the contracted service. Rural residents typically do not get anywhere close to the service they signed up for. Other key aspects of the service include such as latency, throttling (“so called Fair Use”), blocking and the use of preferential IT practices to support third party products. 
I agree that Lear language and fair sales practices need to be implemented however a huge gap exists in quality of service.
If I buy gasoline for my car, I can be sure I am getting a product that has a certain amount of various components not to mention that the quantity is checked against a standard measure. 
Rural Broadband services seems to be based on a providers minimal effort once they have you signed up due to the lack of competition. 
The CRTC did a speed test a few years ago using only the bigger IP’s and found that Canadians got what they paid for. Us Rural Folk certainly are Canadian and we are NOT getting what we paid for nor do we have access to the bigger IP’s that can provide high quality,ultra high speed Fibre based services. 
Rural Canadians pay way more for way less. 
CCTS does not tackle any of the above nor does the CRTC.
The Federal CTI Investment in addressing Rural Broad in Ontario was paltry in comparison to Quebec. 
Allowing the clawback of licensed LTE spectrum that can support Rural Communities in favour of Urban Communities is scandalous and panders to the big telecos.
6 - - - - -
I'm in a rural area and my freaking Bell landline is costing me $80.00 a month compared to the same landline costing me $20.00 a month in Quebec. Voice mail, caller ID etc... costs $30.00 a month and reps claim it must be taken as a package when of course that is NOT the case anywhere else... CRTC remains dead silent about this horrific client gouging and instead sends us their insulting and useless 'questionnaires'!! Note: The CRTC Board Of Executives - earn six figures a year - are ALL nameless and work on a Part time basis - violating the hell out of their Mandate to Protect Canadian consumers!! 4 2 - - - -
Adding infrastructure to support faster/unlimited interest costs big money, without the number of subscribers to subsidize the cost 1 - 1 - - 1
pennies? Try 0.0002

Telecom just loves to ripoff everyone and everything.
2 1 - - - -
3rd world countries pay less for faster speeds . 
WE'RE getting screwed .
5 2 - - - -
Well the phones lines/land lines have been here in this 'rural area' since the 1930's or before. So no 'new lines' had to be put up. And good grief - have you taken a look at Bell's profits? They're certainly NOT hurting by any stretch of the imagination. Good grief they're making enough to take over all kinds of Media across the country. Take a look at their subsidiaries too... No way they should be able to justify charging three times the amount for voice mail, caller id... etc... For example... in Quebec/Ontario... customers can chose what 'extra' they'd like .. Caller ID cost $3.00 a month and all 3/4 extras except long distance - combined cost $10.00. Here in Nova Scotia you HAVE to pay $30.00 a month for 3 extras - whether you want or use them. And every Bell rep explains the breakdown differently - most times baffling explanations that make no sense to boot. It's deplorable. 4 1 - - - -
Please. The Big Telco companies are and have been given the costs of building out that infrastructure and more via grants, forgiveable loans, tax breaks, and specialized funding. In many cases, they take the funding and then don't even use the funding given to them for what it was allocated for. The telecom infrastructure has been bought and paid for by the Canadian taxpayer and simply given to the telco's on a silver platter. 2 - - - - 1
Telus tells me the crtc won't let them reduce my landline costs, currently around $38 per month, while they reduce them to $15 in town. Go figure. 1 - - - - -
We should be able to submit a service cancellation request without human intervention. Either online or via automated answering system.

Recently I cancelled my Telus home internet but I had to wait for 47 min on the phone to have my call connected. the actual cancellation process took less than 5 min.
16 - - - - 3
- They know what you pressed when you call in...and then they direct you to that dept...however, they only have 1 person in the dept. They hope you will give up. - - - - - -
How about finally getting rid of the yearly credit waltz we have to do as existing customers? Standardize pricing models and get rid of the new customer promotional price for 12 months? Or maybe the underhanded price increases that occur in the name of "network and service improvements"? How about giving an easy way to change services without having to contact customer service due to all the weird retention credits they add, which you magically lose if you change your plan on their website? By letting telecoms make up all these funky marketing and retention rules on their own, you're just making Canadians frustrated and jaded about the CRTC's role or dealing with Telecommunications companies. It's not healthy competition, it's an oligopoly. We know it, you know it, telecom companies know it. 11 - - - - -
We need direct consumer price regulation and to nationalize the infrastructure (which in most provinces was built using public dollars anyway). 13 - - - - -
- This exactly! This was done in Europe and fostered competition and created a fair market. The telecom backbone in this country should be nationalized and then every telecom provider becomes what we now call an IISP. Every company pays the same tariffs for access for their customers so it levels out the playing field versus 3 or 4 companies controlling the infrastructure and using dirty tactics to force any other company who dare tries to compete out of business before they can get a foot hold in the market place!! 5 - - - - -
I agree with this - level the playing field. 1 1 - - - -
All I want is UNLIMITED. reliable internet at 50 Mbps download and 10 Mbps upload at a rate comparable to an urban rate. Is this too much to ask in 2019, considering there are government subsidies??? Xplornet Communications Inc. charges me close to $100/month for "up to" 25 Mbps and 1 Mbps for 500 GB. I often have to reset the modem to retain connection. Enough is enough and we deserve a result. 16 - - 1 1 -
- You would actually be shocked. Depending on what area you are in, Bell received government funding to upgrade services to broadband or a "comparably priced alternative" meaning if they chose wireless only services to an area they would have to offer packages that compared in price to their wired services. Check into it as you may be able to actually force Bell into giving you a decent price for services over cell. 2 - - - - -
I paid extra to try and help. It's the "up to" clause. In BC our "fast time" was 02:00-05:00 - - - - - -
I’m currently with Bell using their cell based internet ( hub) and yes it’s at a discounted price, but limited to 100GB per month. I want access to unlimited internet!!!

How did you go about finding this information? If you call Bell or go into a Bell store, they have no idea about such service. In fact I have to argu with them to tell them what I get.
2 - - - 1 -
PM this guy at this site. He should be able to help you: - - - - - -
First of all, fire Ian Scott. He has proven time and time again that he is for the corporations and not the people. Get somebody who is in it to protect the people from a stupidly wealthy industry that cries and whines for more and more and whines and lies when people stand against them. Hire someone with some character and brains first, then we'll talk. 7 1 - - - -
- Exactly. Ian Scott is a lifelong lobbyist for Big Telecom. His last stint at the CRTC prior to holding the chair he was actually collecting a salary from both Telus as a Lobbyist and the Canadian Taxpayer for his position on the CRTC. How this man was ever appointed to this position in the first place is beyond me! 2 - - - - -
How’d those cheap cable plans go? Or better phone plans? How about the CRTC solve one problem before it just makes another one worse! Stay in you lane or better yet lay everyone off and save us the tax dollars. 4 - - - - -
Providers should have an online tool that will handle cancellations and transitions. If certain provider want to retain their clients they can do so by initiating a phone call followed by an email (as an option given to the client) confirming the details of the deal been made on the phone and asking the client to accept electronically !everything should be in written and black on white. 

Cancellation agreement date and TIME should also be in written ! Providers should NOT have the option to cancel the service at any time they want on the last day of the service! 

In regards to a new service subscription, customers should not be referred to the 100 pages terms and conditions to find important info that should have been on the main page ! Everything in regards to fees should be written in big letters! There should be no contracts unless there is no cancellation fees or they are offering free equipments / installations which they dont do for pay as you go users ! 

Providers should not charge installation fees when the client is switching from a cable company to another cable company that uses the same infrastructure so technically there is no on premise installation to do when switching in that scenario.
5 - - - - -
What a ridiculous web site this is! Everything about it is to make it almost impossible to fill out a questionnaire, file a complaint or simply have your say. WHERE is the questionnaire???????????????????????? You know the one about the outrageous wireless pricing! WHERE IS IT????? and don't direct me to another Gov. website, I want the questionnaire! - - - - - -
- CRTC - Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission Hi! There are no questionnaires for this consultation. You have until March 4 to visit the CRTC’s Internet Code Facebook Photo Album to share your views on the possible Internet Code. For more information: - - - - - -
I think I have had my say, but I will mention it again; It's the OUTRAGEOUS pricing for a cell phone plan! If other countries can get a far far better plan than in Canada and at a fraction of the price then Candian Telecom companies are gouging the Canadian market. 1 1 - - - -
Your big mistake is using Facebook as your platform to gather information 1 - - - - -
- CRTC - Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission Hi! There are other ways to participate in the consultation if you don’t have a Facebook account. More info: - - - - - 1
CRTC - Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission Really?? Out of all the comments, this is the one the CRTC choses to respond to??? Unbelievable!! Just more proof that this is nothing more than a PR exercise! 1 - - - - -
BELL is a joke, have a buddy 1/4 mile from me, he sent me a text message, I got it 4 hours later ! my son sent me a text message I got that 5 hours later. A friend of ours sent me several texts and when I was talking with them they asked why I never replied to the text, I got the text 2 weeks later !! - - - - - -
- CRTC - Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission Hi! The CRTC recently launched a review of mobile wireless services. Please don't hesitate to share your thoughts here: - - - - - -
I think I already have, Canadians are being RAPED by all media providers, from cell phone costs to service to TV costs and programs, and it would not surprise ANYONE to know if it's a CARTEL!! you know that thing which controls prices and availability of a given product. 3 - - - - -
I had to beat cancer 25 yrs ago which has left me on Social Assistance. Mind setting affordable rates for consumer survivors or does the CRTC really care - land lines are too expensive as well. - - - - - -
- PS: Just rec'd a SECOND BILL in one month when I was credited for Rgrs throttling me a long time ago via internet usage abuse. It's okay for them to try numerous ways to get the credit money back when they set your account at a rate where you can just hang on after bringing it to their attention online via social media. The abuse has to stop - Rgrs claims they can't tell the computer to stop this kind of action (it's double billing me). That's okay too though, correct CRTC????? Should I hold payment and try to get this to go to court? Of course not - there never will be ANY form of advocacy. - - - - - -
CRTC - Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission Hi! Considering your particular issue involves billing, you may want to file a complaint with the Commission for Complaints for Telecom-television Services (CCTS): - - - - - -
When travelling roaming charges are extreme. For instance, 2-3 years ago the cost from Rogers to roam in the 
Caribbean was $10 per day for a maximum of 5 days in a billing cycle for a cost of $50. Now, the cost is $12 per day for a max. of 15 days in a billing cycle for a cost of $180. This is crazy. Getting a local sim card is not always feasible.
- - - - - -
- CRTC - Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission Hi! The CRTC recently launched a review of mobile wireless services. Please don't hesitate to share your thoughts here: - - - - - -
Why bother? The CRTC is the most useless organ of the entire federal government! Your lip service has reached the point of being offensive. 1 1 - - - -
Can we just close down the CRTC and use the money to subsidize everyone's phone bill? We pay, litteraly, the highest prices for phones+data and our phone companies makes the biggest profits pr customer in the world. I live less than 200km from the US boarder and less than an hour from our nations capital and we have zero reception at my house. If I'm out with my kids, or anyone else for that matter, and someone gets hurt I'm unable to reach an ambulance.

Can anyone tell me what the CRTC is good for?

To answer your question, YES, it is easy enough to understand the contracts. Very easy to see that they're overcharging.
- - - - - -
always get some overseas clown that cannot speak very good English, always ask for someone in canada 3 - - - - -
Providers should let customers know when they have upgraded their modems so customers are aware to change to the newest available. Currently its hit and miss if you happen to call and ask. Its all the customer 3 - - - - -
-  Brian Perdue most upgrades are meant for higher speed packages and their is no real benefit on changing to the newest for the customer unless they upgrade to that new speed , some company’s might allow the customer to have that new modem , but others will charge a fee to have the advanced modem on a lower plan as it takes away stock from those who need that modem to be on the higher speed package - - - - - -
The biggest rip off is the speed UP TO... I had X-Plornet as a provider as it was my only option. I could not even get dial-up which might have been faster. I was told that I was able to get a "faster speed" between 02:00 and 05:00 other than that they couldn't promise me anything. I could not watch any news videos as they would time out. YouTube wasn't even worth trying. 
There should be an actual bottom line speed as well as a top end speed guarantee. 
I spent hours with tech support, I paid extra in hopes of something better and found I was paying extra for nothing. 

They need to be accountable for a bottom limit and not just promise an "incredible" up to speed.
3 - - - - -
Should the government through CRTC decisions provide funding (tax dollars)to their hand picked companies to compete in private industry? - - - - - -
- Not only that but then don't bother to follow through and hold those companies accountable for those monies they received and ensure they were actually used and allocated in the proper manner. It is unbelievable how these funds are misappropriated without repercussion or consequence. Criminal acts that never go investigated or punished! 1 - - - - -
100% zero accountability I personally have seen brought this to the power's that be's attention and nothing gets done...just more awarded handouts to them. Guess they'd rather continue to fund their favorites with our tax dollars. - 1 - - - -
Declaring bankruptcy so they get bailouts but those CEO & shareholders are smiling all the way to the bank. - - - - - -
I don't think we have to worry about any Big Telco company in Canada declaring bankruptcy any time soon. They are raking in money hand over fist on the backs of all of us. - - - - - -
put Rogers and Bell in jail - solitary confinement 2 - - - - -
Make the infrastructure a separate service. Implement the "internet last mile". Provide bandwidth to every Canadian. Costs to upgrade maintain and repair this grid of bandwidth coverage will be billed to all service providers based on market share. Smaller service providers can then offer competition. Transparency and fair market competition. Anticompetitive behaviour by the big corporations should be penalized. 2 - - - - -
- Far beyond what they'll likely do. But they've done literally *NOTHING* to improve competition or open the playing field in nearly 4 years now, so anything would be an improvement. - - - - - -
I think we need to allow for more competition in any communications market. ISPs and other service providers should not be able to have control of the market, setting higher and higher prices with less and less customer satisfaction. Customer service should also have a minimum quality standard 2 - - - - -
CRTC invites Canadians to piss into the wind 2 - - - - -
 how about reliable internet, at prices comparable to what other countries pay. I shouldn't be paying 85$ per month for 11mbps down and 1 Mbps up. it's the only plan available in my area. it's 2019 not 2001 2 - - - - -
We pay through the nose for services that are a fraction of the cost elsewhere! 1 - - - - -
Get the monopoly stopped Let there be competition Why are our rates so much higher than other countries.

1 - - - - -
Internet costs skyrocketing. Who says we have to pay to download free apps. This doesn't make any sense.

1 - - - - -
Thank you. I did phone twice to speak to someone and my calls were not returned. My question and complaint is about Videotron's Canal Savoir which serves little purpose and is in French only. Thank you for this post.

1 - - - - -
Took you 20yrs to figure this out? What have you been doing?

1 - - - - -
My service provider is Rogers where I have a 2 gig data plan I can barely afford. Rogers still charges me data to view my account or pay bill on thier site. I should not have to pay data charges to deal with my provider. On top of that thier site does not work well on mobile,pages have to be reloaded and I have been charged 18 mega bites and more. I have a limited income and they are just stealing money openly!

1 - - - - -
- go with fido, you still get the rogers network, more data and cost you less! - - - - - -
Easy. If I go over they charge extra. If I have leftover no refund.

1 - - - - -
When are you going to investigate Rogers for illegal practices? Literally, every 2 weeks, there is service disruptions (usually internet) and it has been going on since they introduced Ignite TV. The sheer frequency of these occurrences leads me to believe these service disruptions are 100% intentional since they always happen in the same areas and always happen like clockwork ever 12-14 days. Like Apple, I'm convinced they're doing it to try and force people to buy their new and expensive garbage. Is the CRTC ever going to look into them?

2 - - - - -
No throttling should take place on any Deaf, Deaf-Blind or HH signing ASL or LSQ Canadians internet. We need it for our accessible phone (video communications). #SRVCanadaVRS #AccessibleCanada

1 - - - - -
I was never given a copy of contract by my ISP when I transferred to their service from another ISP. Every customer should be given copy of easy to understand contract in plain English or French language. In addition, the DDBHH customer should request the ISP provider to provide AS:/LSQ interpreting service to make her/him understand any clauses or points in the contract.

1 - - - - -
Why did you fail to provide ASL/LSQ interpreting services in video for DDBHH consumers in each question? 😡 Should you did provide the services, many more members of DDBHOH community would participate to answer your questions.

- - - - - 1
As a Deaf consumer, I totally depend on the internet to interact with the world. For example, I depend on it for video conferencing including but not limited to SRV CAV VRS, Skype and Facebook Messenger). I use the internet to watch videos using sign language and captioned videos. The internet service must not be throttled when I use the internet to meet my communication needs - this concept is similar to landline phone services not being throttled if one talks and listens on a landline phone for hours on end. 1 - - - - -
Canada where Bell owns it all , and most of the CRTC have or want to work for Bell !

1 - - - - -
The internet code must apply to all aspects of the bundle I buy. So if I bundle my landline phone and cable with my internet service then the internet code must apply to everything in the bundle - not just to the internet service.

1 - - - - -
No increases while under contract. Bell and their guaranteed saving scheme is just locking people in to contracts with mega increases every year.

1 - - - - -
- Actually they tell you that your receiving a guarantee savings and they put the"base" rate up. Went through it recently and what they did was misleading but not illegal - - - - - -
If this happens to you, I would suggest you fight it. A judge ruled against Bell recently that this practice is not allowed. - - - - - -
the Internet providers deliver content so loaded with advertising the end product to consumers is similar to the worst excess of prime time television ad frequency. Is there a way to monetize the delivery of content without hijacking 35 percent of the time spent online listening to and watching advertising content we never asked for and have no interest in purchasing. I want rules about where the ads ale to be allowed, like in a column down one side, a consistent presentation of the volume control, forbid the volume from coming on at max despite browser settings for volume, And the option for text only news. I can read. I do not want some semi literate person telling me what was written. 1 - - - - -

1 - - - - -
What about false claims that internet providers promote and sell? Consumers were automatically penalized when slow to pay but this companies could easily get away with failure to deliver at their end. Then this providers unjustly find ways to make their clients choose a more expensive package by removing previously available mid priced package. An example, one removed the 150 speed offer and now only offers 300 speeds up and those below 150. One could tell the big jump mainly to discourage clients from having a more affordable option without sacrificing much on speed. A contract should be pretty much binding in which providers must deliver on their part instead of providing excuses and shortchanging their clients who paid exactly for the agreed products and services. At the moment clients usually find themselves helpless without much options rather than take it or leave but leaving and moving towards competitors who practice the same if only CRT would be strict in protecting consumers a better option might be around.

1 - - - - -
YES!!! We need some laws! I tried to switch to someone else, they wanted a $400 payment in advance even though I have never missed a payment to anyone in my life. It's criminal how customers are treated these days. - - - - - -
when you pay Bell for 5 G and get only .5 or 1 .I call this a scam - - - - - -
The contract they sent me was printed to small to read with a magnifying glass!!!!! - - - - - -
CRTC screws Canadians daily.....disband - - - - - -
 Affordable , reliable true high speed internet that's unlimited as well as cheaper cell phone packages . - - - - - -
very expensive in rural manitoba especially if you go over data usage - - - - - -
i have been with eastlink,bell,and now netfox,i had good spead,not great but good,now this is so not right,i started at 100mbs,then i noticed it went to 50mbs and now 25mbs,i speed test constantly, i have complained,it makes no difference as they tell me its the traffic online,well i disagree,the one time they sent a tech here,i was charged 79.00 and tax on top so there is no sence complaining,but i know what i pay for and do not recieve ,i contacted them via fb and they tell me that i must call them and that they dont deal with these things on really, this doesnt make any sence,anyway,not rite but i am keeping my eyes peeled for another company,and there will be - - - - - -
I'd rather have faster upload speeds lol - - - - - -
we have one of the most expensive internet service in the world. Many of the cheaper services are much slower speeds and not as reliable from what friends who use them have told me. I need high speed in order to work from home and I have to pay over 110 a month for it. Regulate it more and bring down the price!\ - - - - - -
Our internet is failing so much. We did all the arrangements via phone call, so we don’t even have a paper contract. This is so bad. - - - - - -
I had to change my provider and it was extremely difficult. After returning the modem and equipment to Bell, I was charged for the cancelled service for a further three months which I called and complained about and was still called each month by a "collection service". It appears Bell's data service and their accounting staff don't communicate. It further appears Bell charges based on a prediction of the account's costs and not the actual amount... - - - - - -
they keep charging more money every other month with the same service no upgrades no higher speeds it is very frustrating - - - - - -
Do not send PUBLICITY in my page of FACEBOOK PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!! - - - - - -
Live in rural Ontario and feel that Bell is holding me at ransom because there is no competition, other than Shaw who does not provide landline telephone service, so have to stay with Bell. But, even if Shaw did so, I still would probably have to pay the same rates as Bell. Fairer rates for rural Ontario. Bell's programming is getting worse and worse for the amount of money I am paying. More access to other channels for the present price I am paying. We have no access to Fibe but on my bill it says we are on a Fibe510 plan. - - - - - -
contract clarity? and OPTIONS in Internet service? Those are pretty much pipe dreams where I live. I'm rural (but honestly, not THAT rural), but my only option is Telus. (The other internet provider in town is only line of sight, and where I am, it won't work). We have opted not to do a contract at the moment, as our place is for sale, and we MAY have internet included if we have to move somewhere else. The contract clarity for me, who has a knack of understanding legalese, isn't bad. But for most others I know, it might as well be Mandarin for all the sense it makes. I want my family to be able to read a contract for internet, and at least get the gist of it without having to have me interpret it for them. - - - - - -
by the way I didn't find out that 2 tab E s didn't have sim cards in until I contacted Samsung as to problem s not signing on the bell system from March until dec then instead of being on payment system for 2 years which didn't start now dec 31 so I lost from march so now they're weren't paid for until dec 2020 instead of march 2020 - - - - - -
no it was not and still isn't bell is charging me double for a couple of days until my comwave was installed I pay comwave 85.00 per month for internet and home phone bell is trying to charge me 200.00 just for a couple of days...and I understood that after the contract was over 2 to 3 years usually I would own the modem and pvr I was with them almost 6 years contracts didn't matter costs constantly went up they're trying to charge me 599.00 plus tax for that equipment or I have to physically mail them back bc I hadn't yet bc of costs they're still freezing my phones and devices but still charging me like I'm using them plan to file against bell have copies of bills in mail along with the filing paperwork jan somerville - - - - - -
Go to the CRTC to have your say. Now that is a statement for the Plebeian masses if ever I heard one. LOLOLOL - - - - - -
We need tougher laws for neighbours hacking onto our internet and invading our privacy! - - - - - -
- I think you need to configure your router properly. What you're doing is like complaining to the police before you've tried locking your door. - - - - - -
It was installed by a proffessional. My education is APR I think I know what I'm doing. The police will be involved soon enough. - - - - - -
suggest you read your TOS and installation agreement Peter. Your personal protection after install is entirely your sole responsibility once the installer leaves. Everyone should immediately change all passwords used to access your home network the minute they walk out the door. To not do so is, at least, incredibly naiive and, at worst, incredibly incompetent. Dave is completely correct with his metaphor. - - - - - -
I have been told this is a constant problem. The best thing to do is contact " Phone Busters." I was was advised by the Police Department, it is a hacking problem and that once it starts it usually doesn't go away. And a password change isn't sufficient! - - - - - -
You are funny! Maybe you are part of the problem not the solution. Since my background is Advertising and Public Relations, I think I know what I am doing. - - - - - -
Obviously you don't. No offense. Quit thinking you know everything and research what you need to do to protect yourself properly. This is not a provider issue, this is a personal protection issue and you need to realize that. Until you do, you are putting not only yourself but your entire family and anyone who enters your house and connects to your network at risk. - - - - - -
Sorry Sir, but you are mistaken. You donot know the scope of the situation and couldn't possibly come to that conclusion by merely reading these comments. - - - - - -
I am rural so I cant get unlimited internet.I pay $112 a month on a limited plan.Absolutely discusting!I only have access to Bell or Shaw for tv.My bill is $152 per month and I dont even have all the packages.I feel like a badly gouged slave in my own home.Its pretty depressing to keep having to pay these ungodly bills just because I live in the country.The CRTC has never backed the people up.They help keep us enslaved. - - - - - -
Where do I start? Rural Internet is a joke. Xplornet overcharges and doesn't even come close to delivering on the services that we pay for, They are so oversubscribed that the service is ridiculous but with no other options available we have no choice. They need to stop calling it high speed Internet as it is barely quicker than dial-up. As for the big 3, they have absolutely no intention of ever charging customers a fair rate because once again, we have no choice. New carriers can't compete unless they follow in the same mold as the big guys.High prices for low speeds and poor service. Seeing the prices and data pools that people from the rest of the world are getting makes me sick, is Canada a third world country?? For too long this has been going on and nothing gets done. I'd hate to think someone has been getting a huge kickback to keep us in the dark-ages but I have my suspicions. Hopefully the CRTC can move forward and drag these companies into the 21st century. All it would take is one of these companies to get some presence out into rural areas and people will be more than happy to pay for a reliable service. I won't be holding my breath though. - - - - - -
Please consider descriptive alt text for these images, as they're not accessible to people with disabilities using screen readers. We have contracts with Internet Service Providers too. Thanks in advance. - - - - - -
back in November of 2012 I switched from rogers to bell worse mistake I ever was rogers to this day every month or second I receive a letter addressed to resident at my address and every so often they send someone who keeps a list of who has whom and pressure u to change to them bell used to when I had them to constantly phone me without warning - - - - - -
clear and simple to understand language no hidden fees truly unlimited serves we clear requirements for speed at a reasonable price. also stop this locking you into a never ending contract and please CRTC actually enforce this one do't let this be the the wireless code with everyone breaks because there is no enforcement - - - - - -
Living in a rural area means interruptions due to snow, ice, sun- internet can be down for hours or days. My internet provider gave a credit the last time. TV satellite Bell never gave a credit and we would be down for days at a time. There should be standards for credits for service not provided. Service not provided means you could switch to another provider but in the rural areas it is hit and miss if you can get internet with any provider.. In town, they have high speed, unlimited use and when bundled with phone and tv, their monthly bill is cheap compared to mine. Is the cost of towers the drawback? One family put up their own tower to get internet! Watching shows on tv, internet you can see that the people in poor countries have the phones so they have service - explain that please. - - - - - -
The fact your making people add comments to a FB page for your consumer consultation is ridiculous and the person with this idea should be fired. Not everyone has FB and not everyone wants there complaints seen by other people and complaints should be anonymous. All this is is the CRTC saying they have given the public a option to complain but know that by having a limited amounts of complaints and it will work in favor for the corporations. Clearly shows to me the CRTC is in the corporations back pocket. Your supposed to be standing up for the people and should be ashamed of what you have become. - - - - - -
During the initial 2 year AGREEMENT with the rates for TV/Internet BELL raised the fees without notification, The only notification I received was the $3.00 digital fee. At month 23 (April 2018) I contacted the call center and recieved notification of the adjustments to the services. Within 2 months the TV charge was increased from the agreement (no notification given) when I called into the call center I was told a Promo had expired (there was No Promo in the next 2 year agreement) , I was also up sold to the higher internet service heavily discounted BUT came to find out it required the newest modems and there would be rental fees on those units. Then I called in again in November to query the billing - my services were cut off because the call center person got upset with me the next call center representative turned the services back on EXCEPT the billing for TV services was not set to the rate on the AGREEMENT is was set to the advertised price on their website??? I called in and received a credit of ~$20 (not sure if this was a one time or continous) THEN I called back why the Agreement pricing wasn't being honoured and I kept being put on hold to look at the account and given no valid reason other than Bell could adjust the fees whenever they wanted or needed to without notification, So after a call last week Feb 2019 and speaking with someone in the billing in Canada all they could offer was a 1 year credit against the rental fee of the TV modem and a $15 credit for 5 years for some other reason BUT they would not honour the Agreed Pricing from April 2018. The issue is speaking to a truce decision maker after the ONLINE process of selecting the "least" expensive bundle. The channel selection is still at the discression of the supplier which is wrong. - - - - - -
Piss off, CRTC and Facebook. I don't want this stupid ad popping up two days in a row. - - - - - -
bell was mean to me i paid them completly off canceled all my services had no internet for 2 mounths as i switched service providers then just 3 weeks ago bell tryed to charge me internet for a mounth after i had comfermation # when i cancled it - - - - - -
Why is the CRTC allowing Telus,Rogers,bell, to “price fix” out of protest for CRTC involved change to their industry? - - - - - -
Canadian’s should not have more than a one year contract! - - - - - -
I suspended my BYOD service with Bell for 2 months while I was away and when I got back they told me my new service would be much more. Nobody told me when I suspended the service that this would happen. Now I am paying a lot more for the same service. - - - - - -
It won't matter after 5G if completely deployed, weapons are deployed. It is a weapon. Look into it or don't bother. It will get much worse before it gets better . time to wake up and stand up. - - - - - -
why is shawe commuication and wind mobile and lucky 7 and freedom mobile and petro mobile all blocking our calls and information and rogers is on my petro mobie phone and kudo and now its called petro canada , were fruaded to the right of right commiunication and news and uwo is and dr kumar are in the front room of our homes ...tlk to jay kumar at freedom mobile , also over the air tv is being blocked at 159 sandringham cresent london ontario , id like to let u know there is a class action staring against lerners and our government and there of for the simple neglect to raymond wagner qc will probaly take this , and file baiting is illegal so be carefui uwo and lerners - - - - - -
 Freedom mobile has a $15/m that you "must" take on contract with tablet. The plan is not available without contract. 
And if you use the plan on a phone then they will "force" you to a 40$ plan.

Why can't I use the sim plan in any device I like. I paid my bill. This is not fair
- - - - - -
Telcos need to stop practice of “customer retention discount” - that people have to call and threaten to leave so that the “customer retention” manager can give a better price. Why is that better price not available in the first place but has to be wrangled yearly through a complaint call. 

Also, net neutrality needs to be uphold
1 - - - - -
I heard you are looking for comments on service providers for internet , TV and phones. I can tell you I am so tired of the two companies I have used. I was with Shaw for all my use until 3 years ago when I was approached by TELUS. I was given a free TV and a $150 credit which they took the credit and said it was for installation of the services but yet installations were supposed to be free but they have come around since and done some more installations and was never charged. Then they just increase your bill without notice (Shaw also did that). TELUS is the hardest to deal with as you don’t get the same service. One agent said she’d call me back and never did. I constantly had to call to clarify a new service agreement then I had to go through several people to get the agreement correct as it kept changing. They charged me for each modem but never did before. Then doubled the charge for my home phone and increased the charge of the internet. I finally found an agent who fixed it all and put it in writing but increases will come. They always do and they never tell you. It’s always a surprise on your bill. I have always had TELUS mobility and have NEVER had any issues. Great service with mobility and home services needs a lot of improvement. I always believe a contract is binding as with TELUS mobility but with the home services albeit TELUS or Shaw they do not honour there agreement but expect you to. I hope something can be done. The charges are outrageous for what you get. I actually have Netflix as there isn’t much to watch on the basic TV service - - - - - -
Several comments on here regarding rural service and data caps/ overage charges / slow speeds being blamed on providers . Here’s what you are not considering :
It’s not the providers fault 

1:) it’s all going to be fixed in the next 2 years with faster than fibre satellite fro Telesat LEO, One Web , and eventually SpaceX Starlink.

2)it’s physically impossible to give people more speed . There are only a few channels of radio frequencies available to use to send you the data . I’ll super summarize here to give an idea - a single tower serving 800 homes in a 30 km wide circle , however there are 10 channels that can operate in each direction from the tower . So let’s say 40 people can get data at full speed at any given time if they are close . As soon as a person far or few people near start using data that direction gets cut in half for speed , having to share the same channel , a time delay takes turns serving each customer and spacing out the speed each receives. Now add 10 more people after 5 pm, 30 more after 7 pm. 
Radio just can’t handle that many in a small area . 

3) we’ll build more towers then ! 
Nope 👎. Towers close together still have to use the same frequencies and fire directly at each other causing so much interference that both towers end up performing slower over all. 

4) use higher frequencies and closer towers . Maybe ... but they don’t travel the distance feasible to cover costs and they still need to be hooked up with fibre or wireless signal that also limits max capacity . A tower serving 400 people 120 feet tall is going to cost about $3-400k all in and bandwidth maybe $4000/m if on fibre, so each customer is stuck at $100/m for sure if the provider hopes to recoup costs in 5 years .

6) well install fibre ! Maybe but that’s a $500/m bill nobody will pay. 

7) why cant we have unlimited ? If everyone had unlimited data they would never stop . Leave things running unnecessarily , hook up security cameras etc etc . This would use up all the channels all the time and a tower serving 500 people with data caps now can only service 50 homes. Data caps are in place to distribut fairness between homes. They are there to make sure everyone gets a chance to get some data at all on the limited channels. Overage charges arent a cash grab ! They are a deterrent to stop the data hogs. 

Micro pops from Leo sat backhaul is the answer. It’s a few years away and all the providers and crtc know it so any investment in the mean time would be a total waste . We all just have to wait it out. Follow this page for the release of the rural internet cure.
- - 1 - - -
- This is the biggest load of BS I've read in a while. Big Telco was given taxpayer dollars to fix this very situation so if it can't be fixed as they said then why did they accept the funds? Wireless is not the answer--direct wireline--which is what they were given the funds to build, is the only answer. 1 - - - - -
The Big Telco are not the providers doing rural internet. Private wireless providers are. No private wireless provider can change the amount of spectrum available to serve internet to the amount of people that need it. It’s a scientific fact , the tech does not yet exist. The spectrum is sold to cell providers. Telus did release a 500 gig cell data plan for $110 but again the demand was so high that they can only accept a small amount of customers per area for the same reasons described above. The crtc or federal budget does not have the funds required to roll out fibre to rural areas , it would be astronomical costs per house passed. Satellite is the only way and is nearly ready to solve it. - - - - - -
Cherry picking what facts ? The big telcos do not service rural areas . The rural areas are not something any telco is “responsible” for. They are responsible for the areas they do have infrastructure in but there is no law saying they have to provide infrastructure in rural areas at all. Only land line telephone is and not internet. So I’m not defending any telcos at all in my points above , just explaining the parts not often considered by those demanding better service and blaming a management decision for the level of service . You cant blame bell or Rogers for bad service in an area they don’t even serve . Rural internet is vastly provided by private business and enterprising individuals trying their best to solve a problem - but the tech and spectrum required simply dose not exist. - - - - - -
the solution is explained in my outline above . To summarize there is no current technology or spectrum that can provide unlimited or fast rural service. That’s not an excuse , it’s science . The solution is satellite backhaul coming on line from One Web, Starlink, and Telesat in the next coupe years. This allows for the spectrum available from space to cover the volume of clients in rural with 50 Mbps and nearly unlimited data use. These global companies run at scale that should provide for big competition in price . Quicka, a global provider will even be offering free service in sub 3mbps range with purchase of antenna . - - - - - -
Such a joke lmao - - - - - -
Again, another bunch of BS. The Big Telcos were granted funding to service rural areas and provided either broadband internet to these locations or an equivalent priced and comparative wireless plan (ie same speed, price and performance as a wired broadband connection) and instead Big Telcos took that money and invested in wireless services with subpar performance and astronomical data charges. In some cases, they took the funds and did absolutely nothing at all.. Quit telling lies. - - - - - -
This is where you are completely wrong. The Big Telcos have and still do serve many remote areas and they have accepted public funding, grants, tax incentives and other Canadian taxpayer incentives to build out and maintain that infrastructure. In many rural communities, the telcos took the money willingly and didn't allocate one red cent those funds were earmarked for. I don't believe that you are a Big Telco lobbyist but I do believe that you likely have close relations to Xplornet or other terrestial services. I know, without a doubt, that you have no relation to any of the many WISPs out there that mostly operate at a deficit in order to provide an alternative to your terrestrial solutions. The reason WISPs exist is simply because companies like Xplornet are a multitude worse than any Big Telco company out there as they do not fall within the same regulations as the rest of the providers and basically treat their customers like crap simply because they know those people have no other choices but to suffer with their overpriced, extremely sub-par offering. The answer absolutely is NOT satellite/terestrial providers--it is to force Big Telco to deploy the infrastructure they were already granted and given the funds to deploy. - - - - - -
There is a DEFINITE need for an Internet Code to protect me as a Deaf consumer from internet service providers.

1 - - - - -
What Canada needs is for the CRTC to be decommissioned and the industry deregulated; that includes eliminating all government-backed subsidies, legislative monopolies and entanglements with Rogers and Bell. - - - - - -
- What Canada needs is to nationalize all telecom infrastructure and instead of 3 or 4 companies controlling it, all of them become IISP's with a level playing field and all pay the same rates for access. It was all paid for with our tax dollars anyways via those subsidies, tax breaks, forgiveable loans and governmental grants. - - - - - -
Put a cap on fees. I think we’re all tired of being price gouged. As well any movement to censor or block certain websites should be disallowed. Net neutrality must persist for the sake of the freedom of expression. - - - - - -
Canadian are overcharged for the service we get. These guys always asking for feedback but we never see anything change. It was preety sorry way they said we were going to have better choices for our TV plans. The providers made sure we got basiclly nothing for for cheaper service. I think the CRTC have failed the consumer big time. Why are they allowed to do that??? - - - - - -
One provider requires a month in advance. No other business I've ever delt with works that way. - - - - - -
Would like to see cheaper rates for seniors and others on fixed income. Also, if you are moving to a different apartment in the same building, you shouldn't have to pay 59.00 to be hooked up again with the same provider. - - - - - -
When this companies engage in predator and outright misleading tactics it would be the CRTCs duty to step and punish the parent company not just say please review your sales practices. - - - - - -
CRTC should not hire former Telecom executives -- that makes all our comments and emails we write useless. It's just becomes a show that CRTC puts on. If this comment makes any difference, I want CRTC to consider making the telecoms disclose all the charges their customers would be charged before they see the bill, so they can make informed decisions before signing up for the service. - - - - - -
- Some people want to think their letters and emails make a difference. There's a term for these people: sheeple. - - - - - -
1) Rural internet is a nightmare and very expensive, it is definitely something that needs to be dealt with. 

2) When I moved to my current town a few years back, I called far ahead of even buying my home to confirm the internet options available. I confirmed Rogers had fibre lines here easily, but I was a bell mobility customer, my family had always had internet and tv through bell, so I called them up as well. I called corporate, I called multiple bell stores and I did this multiple times on different days to confirm and ask questions. I was told yes, fibre is available and yes they have high speed connections here.

Turns out! They didn't. Not even close to any package Rogers had. I mean the internet speeds were so important to me (my job, my hobbies etc.) that I would have not bought the home had no high speed been here and I did everything in my power as a consumer to confirm and was mislead. 

So from that I would say, would be great to have each internet provider show CLEARLY what speeds and packages and the ACTUAL speeds (an average or something) are in an area. As you get out to rural areas, these have been nightmares to figure out and no one has real answers.

It would also be great to have an official "map" on CRTC or something, that shows an overlay of internet providers available, packages, speeds and what connections exist at that time, NOT what is going to be available sometime in the future.
- - - - - -
There's no reason for internet providers to block the opening of ports like port 80 or 433. If I want to run a web server at home, I should be able to use the standard ports rather than picking alternative ports. Blocking those ports meant that I wasn't able to get an SSL certificate, which made things insecure for anyone accessing the server. They claim to block the ports for security reasons, but that seems unlikely given that any port has to be manually opened for it to be accessible. - - - - - -
 I was misled by Costco Port Coquitlam on a bait and switch tactic. The rep by the name Yatin promised me a small business plan with Rogers. He told me that if I port over from provider that's not Fido or Rogers, I will get a $500 port in credit. And my base plan would be $60/month for a 2 years contract. After the contract is up, the plan will still be the $60/month plan. But after I signed up, I realized that the plan is a $80/month plan. I complaint to Rogers, but they have no record of what Yatin offered. I filed complaint to Wireless ETC, but they never return my call or email. 3 of other friends also encountered similar tactic by Wireless ETC. Please investigate into the sales practice of Wireless ETC. - - - - - -
Only Jesus Christ, our God, Creator and Savior can save us from death. - - - - - -
- - - - - -
Simply put, ISPs need to be liable for not meeting advertised speeds. Otherwise they will continue to over provision their network capacity and under deliver. As a penalty for not meeting advertised speeds, consumers should only be required to pay for the percentage of service provided. Repeat offenders should have all assets seized and given to a crown corporation, and stock holders should be fined severely.

5 2 - - - -
- Actually there are very specific rules and regulations already in place with the CRTC. This type of activity is strictly prohibited in a number of ways. The very basic and fundamental principle of this specific section as it pertains to this is that providers are absolutely not allowed to over provision services and are only allowed to sell packages they are able to provide. There are allowances on this but they are for temporary emergency measures only and they must state specifically and exactly what services are impacted and how those services are degraded should they not purchase enough capacity to serve their userbase in that 1 particular month and publish that information online, provide it in their TOS when you sign on to their service and have to inform potential customers of this practice verbally when you call to sign up. The next month, that provider is expected to purchase the proper capacity in order to provide the services it is selling as advertised. - - - - - -
There is also no consistency in regards to unlimited internet. With some companies they refer to unlimited access as 1TB (Telus), with the Telus hub the max package you can purchase is 500GB (for more $ than the 1TB through wired services), then Eastlink in Alberta didn’t have a cap. A fair consistency for what is considered to be unlimited access would be nice. Especially when there are areas where no physical lines are available. A 500GB package doesn’t go very far when there’s 5 people or more on devices needing access. Then 20$/10 GB after can add up way more than what a consumer pays for 1TB using fibre optic ($75/month for student pricing) - - - - - -
Government propoganda - - - - - -
CRTC......You're a joke. - - - - - -
Dump the CRTC! - - - - - -
Censorship is wrong - - - - - -
get of my page I didn't ask for dis garbage!!!! - - - - - -
We use a local company called Wightman, who are part of Shaw. We have a full package TV, Computer, telephone. They provide excellent service and are vary accommodating. We switched to them from Bell who has turned out to be very poor service.Ignorant, Incompetent and rude customer service on more than one occasion. We dealt with Bell for over 20 years and then when we moved to Bruce County and tried to arranged set up they were just beyond belief with attitude and ignorant service.Never again will I use Bell-rather do with out first.
- - - - - -
 CRTC is such a bogus system. - - - - - -
We need affordable plans 
Ex $10per month/ 10mbps/ 100gb
- - - - - -
Canadians are being screwed over as usual. In India & Africa, cell phones are like $2/month. Cell phone & Internet service in Canada cost the providers nothing, but they're screwing over Canadians big time. Grrrrr! :(

1 - - - - -
Speeds that are advertised are a fiction . 
Get a speed check folks . 
Shaw Cable offers 600mbps , get 150 at best .
- - - - - -
MAke the providers have a CLEAR listing of their plans and the add ons. I cant figure out what stations I get\dont get from my own bill; and certainly cant figure out a cheaper option. - - - - - -
??? - - - - - -
It's ridiculous that the only way to participate is by posting a comment on social media. You should make this more accessible by providing a link to a survey. - - - - - -
Get rid of Corrupt Shaw! - - - - - -
Maybe the CRTC should be abolished, I don’t see the sense of this add do you people really think that the CRTC is going to help anyone other than the big companies, it is time for the citizens of Canada to speak up and and fight for what we believe would be nice if we all just canceled our internet our cable tv and our cell phones even just for 1 month, just think of the money these companies would lose. Canadians it’s time to STAND UP. - - - - - -
NEED TO tell BELL get lots in NB AND ROGERS pay most $$$$$$$$$$$$ in the world for internet what f is going - - - - - -
With virgin mobile I've called multiple time to only reach a Philippines representative when asked to speak to Canadian representation I'm told they have no way to do this that I should hang up and call again that I may get a representative. They have violated my rights go speak to a Canadian citizen on Canadian soil a to breach of trust . I will not speak to a foreign representative or give my identification to them . 
Time for these telecom companies to realize there a Canadian company not a foreign company
1 - - - - -
JUST DO IT . - - - - - -
I believe that Canada does require an Internet code, with a particular focus on reigning in the behaviour of our telecommunications oligopoly. Below are a few bullet points of improvements that the Big Three should strive for, and the CRTC should hold them accountable for:

- Cancelling your account with a carrier should not be an endurance race. Staying on hold for an hour only to be randomly disconnected and forced to restart the process really highlights the lack of cancellation options. Canadians should be able to cancel their service online without requiring interaction with a live person.

- As a followup to the first point, existing clients of a carrier should not need to be run through the "retentions" department just to receive a deal similar to a new client signing on. 

- Switching ISP's can be a nightmare for the average Canadian. Confusing contract closures, hidden fees and worst of all needing to deal with a new installation from another carrier all add up to a frustrating and difficult process.
1 - - - - -
- Most of these issues are covered under current CRTC regulations. Why not just enforce the current rules and provide a direct avenue to the CRTC to file a complaint? You can file a complaint with the CCTS in this regard, but they have no teeth to enforce CRTC regs and often, most issues pertaining to the CRTC regulations fall out of their scope, however there is no easy way to file with the CRTC directly.

1 - - - - -
Agreed, which is why I mentioned that the CRTC "should" be holding them holding them accountable. From my point of view it seems that Canadian law in general is all bark and no bite when it comes actually punishing corporations for misdeeds.

1 - - - - -
which is why this whole exercise doesn't make any sense. The rules are already in place, they just need to be enforced. It is extremely clear to me that this is just a PR exercise for talking heads while they hide the important decisions behind closed doors and issue them when no one is paying attention.

1 - - - - -
Agreed! Where is the public inquiry when it comes to applying the rules that already exist?

1 1 - - - -
Yes! - - - - - -
And what new ways are you criminals thinking of limiting our rights and freedoms now??? - - - - - -
The demand and usage of data intensive platforms and apps on mobile phones has increased dramatically over the past 10 years, as more and more of what people are viewing and engaging with are image-based and video-based media. This drains data so quickly, and often wifi is not accessible, all while having the highest prices vs average income in the world. I spent 5 months in Norway, which is arguably much more expensive to live in than Canada, and I paid the equivalent to $30CAN for 10gs of data, with the option of even more at a further discounted rate. The currently standards in Canada are unacceptable in that there has been little to no action in reducing the ability of large telcos to dictate an outrageous price for something that is becoming less and less a luxury commodity, and more so a necessity, especially when it comes to business. I go over my 20g limit every month, quite easily I might add, and then get charged even further. It shouldn't cost over $200 to be able to video conference on the go, or send large files, or even just browse the internet on your coffee break. Adding in that there is no option for unlimited data plans, Canadians are getting the short end of the stick while the "Service Providers" are pocketing the excess. Not to mention the outsourcing of their jobs, e.g. call centres, to businesses outside of Canada. It's not about a "Canada First" policy, rather that it's much more important to myself, and I believe many others, that when being assisted, you are being helped by someone who operates in the same system in their day to day, and understand the struggles that you may be facing. Not asking for someone two houses down to pick up the phone and walk me through it, but it's definitely nice to know that "Sundar", "Kim", or "Alex" from Surrey, BC are helping me and not someone 8000km away.

1 1 - - - -
- What a completely awesome post!!

1 - - - - -
I couldn't agree more. If the CRTC really was as invested as that PR stunt implies, they would have removed Ian Scott immediately. That announcement is nothing but lip service and yet another PR smokescreen that is a lot of talk with no actual actions taking place. Sure, maybe in 6 months or a y…See More - - - - - -
I couldn't agree more. If the CRTC really was as invested as that PR stunt implies, they would have removed Ian Scott immediately. That announcement is nothing but lip service and yet another PR smokescreen that is a lot of talk with no actual actions taking place. Sure, maybe in 6 months or a y…See More - - - - - -
Apparently you know there is a huge problem or there wouldn't be a need to ask this question. Freedom of choice is null and void here for cell phone coverage. We are not free to chose, you control our choices and then pose a question on the gise of going to do something. Here's a thought just open the market see how Canadians use their freedom of choice. Stop playing stupid little "here's a carrot" survey because you already know Canadians are being robbed by the big 3 and you know Canadians are not happy yet you do absolutely nothing but toss a yearly red herring question and do nothing with the response. - - - - - -


Have you ever found it difficult to understand or get a copy of your Internet contract?

What rules could have made this easier?

Comment Replies LikeLike LoveLove HahaHaha WowWow SadSad AngryAngry
Rogers recently changed their internet packages to a low end and a high end and took out the middle package which I have. This is a real issue because I can't or don't want to run on the lower speeds and I don't want to pay more for speeds I don't need.

On top of that, my package doesn't exist anymore, so rogers has contacted me multiple times to try to get me out of it, citing "VIP offers". In a couple of these calls, the sales person on the other end was very pushy and from my research told me false information, that my package will just stop working and I will HAVE to choose another option they have, so take this offer.

The contract discussions when speaking with the "vip" rep or phone sales rep, they have always offered me these amazing discounts and package deals. But downplay the fact that these are sometimes offers for only 3 months, 6 months, maybe a year. Then the package price could double! If you don't catch this, this could mean a jump in your bill from let's say 80$ monthly to 125$ monthly. That is a giant increase for most people. This needs to stop.

The varied discounts and extreme ways to get them. Red flag deals generally has posts from customers across the province on package renewal offers. The different package options and the discounts provided are so vast and they change ALL THE TIME. Generally you need to threaten to leave the service to get the best discount offer. Not every town has the luxury of just swapping services though and you are fighting through a very long phone call, through different departments where really it seems the sales person is just trying to figure out how to get you to pay the maximum you want to pay. 

For people who don't know how to play that game, or can't, they end up paying a lot more then those people who can. If the service provider has these list of discounts available and can somehow survive without losing money, why is it just not available all the time and balanced?
3 2 - - - -
Stop the monopoly.

5 - - - - -
Contract? What contract? Shaw Cable hasn't offered any information that brings any clarity and I sincerely have difficulty understanding what I'm paying for with my $100 / month internet service.

- - - - - -
I am Deaf. It’s not easy for DDBHH to navigate the complex small print on contracts. Many big technical and legal words. I truly wish we could see ASL & LSQ of certain words/terminology for internet contracts to understand it better before I do any signing or agreeing to a contract. #AccessibleCanada #ASLandLSQCanada

1 - - - - -
- Oh and it would be good that there be a digital display, ie. tablet like iPad available at the cashier terminals with the videos available to play these internet contract terms if I have a specific word I don't understand. This would be fantastic to make it accessible for all DDBHH Canadians. Thank you. #AccessibleCanada - - - - - -
I concur with  points and suggestions. Enuff said! - - - - - -
Xplornet imposes two-year contracts for service with steep per-month penalties if you leave their service before the end of the term. 

They charge $25 per month remaining in the contract, or a $450 fee - whichever is lower. (

There is no hardware being subsidized with this contract, it's just a fee they use to make sure their customers don't leave them.

Contracts are deemed "signed" by verbal agreement when speaking with a customer service representative. 

A rule that could improve this:
- A cap on the amount an ISP can charge customers to break a service contract where no hardware is subsidized, or for the retail value of that hardware if hardware is included in that agreement.


In addition, Xplornet's Fair Use policy was not detailed to me as a new subscriber. At busy times (such as any evening between 7pm and 11pm) my service (billed as up to 25 megabits per second) is slowed to a crawl, often near or below 2 megabits per second.

A rule that could improve this: 
- ISPs have to guarantee a base rate of speed and not interfere with the quality of that speed to penalize one user over another. If too many subscribers are added in a region to maintain adequate service levels, ISPs need to increase their available service backbone.

Thanks for reading, and for considering the public's take on home Internet service.
2 - - - - -
- Xplornet is one of the worst. Poor service, poor quality internet.

2 - - - - 1
You should make your rules for all telecommunication companies that all contract information should be in simplified English/French and that there should not be ANY font size anywhere in ANY contract below the size of 12 used in Word from Microsoft Office.

2 - - - - -
- That is what happened to me so we are looking around for another way to get services....thanks for sharing..

1 - - - - -
Do not understand the language of Legalese - - - - - -
Problem with bundles I cannot keep up with internet speed and GB data allowance. I did call consumer service to inquire about an update internet, but I was prevented from that due to the bundle that tied down. To me, the Internet is a priority over than anything else. I do rely on video calls often just like unlimited voice calls. That is one of my pet peeves. 👈😎👍📱♾👁‍🗨 #AccessibilityLens - - - - - -
The biggest problem I encounter is bandwidth. There is not sufficient speed to connect to a streaming service that requires 1.5MBs even though you have 5.0MBs service. You would need their highest speeds to stream movies from Netflix etc. plus if you have TV you then need internet to get the other services you are told are a free part of their service but they are extra. - - - - - -
 I wasn't aware of any contracts I have with Rogers Cable. The situation with Internet providers in this country is abhorrent. They are continually changing the rules, taking away channels with no notice, changing pricing and packaging. I had no clue that I "owned" my next box and only found that out when I called for issues related to the next box. I was then told I would have to pay for any repairs because I "owned" it. I had never been advised that I was "renting to own" my next box. I have to constantly monitor my billing to ensure they are not charging me for services I don't have which they have done on occasion. There definitely needs to be an overhaul of cable companies in Canada. It is a monopoly. I have two choices Bell or Rogers and they are equally difficult to deal with.

- 1 - - - -
Have telcos display contract in no more than 100 words in your monthly billing

1 - - - - -
The billing does not show clearly the cost of each service provided. - - - - - -

Bill shock

Have you ever been shocked by unexpected fees on your Internet bill?

What rules could have helped prevent such a surprise?

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Yes when Teksavvy informed me that they would cut off the services due to the lack of payment without any warnings.

1 - - - - -
Service bundles are a challenge. If you wish to adjust only one part of the bundle, ie. the internet part of bundle, it should not be too challenging and then get a shocking bill the next month just because an agent misunderstood you.

1 - - - - -
Now that they've all gone paperless and email you a bill, we don't see the summary of items on the bill. Sure, I can click a link and try to login to their site with an account and password I don't know about cuz it's not my email address, but it would be nice if they actually emailed the bill itself instead of just the final fee and a link.

2 - - - - -
Bell Canada's billing system changes my bills and payment dates often with-out any explanations.

2 - - - - -
- Rogers does the same thing. - - - - - -
Xplorernet, the only option for rural internet central/north BC charges each month a $15 rental fee for their dish and modem, at cancellation they told me the equipment is now outdated and they no longer want the equipment back. There is not an option to buy equipment right out at the beginning of the contract or through out. They have the monopoly and can charge whatever they want for a paltry amount of data when 20 minutes away in town everyone has high speed internet from Telus at a nominal fee. Prices just went up again the first week of Feb. They are highway robbers. I no longer think its a matter of connectivity it is a matter of affordable connectivity in our region. With no competition or regulation they can charge whatever they want.

1 - - - - -
internet and cell phone plans are far too expensive. This by far the case here in Canada where the big three providers have received federal grants to provider these services to rural Canada. It smells of another SNC like scandal.

1 - - - - -
Constantly battle with ISP, because what they promise verbally during their pitch, and what manifests on the monthly bill are different. And then it's 90 minutes on hold pn the phone before they reverse the charges ... for that month. And the next month, the additional charges are back! So it's 90 minutes on hold on the phone before .... And so it repeats, month after month. Had it up to here with their slow war of accounting attrition, relying on you not having the energy or time to correct their routine errors. - - - - - -
Roger and Bell cell phone charges are outrageously expensive. I can't have any data on my phone as it is just not affordable. So I just have text and phone calls. Their cable TV is always shutting down you consistently have to reboot and even then it might not work. I have so many complaints about my cable tv, internet, and cell phone services I could write a book. - - - - - -
I had a dial-up connection, upgraded to highspeed and they started billing me for cable t.v. which I didn't have. instead of reimbursing me they gave me credit points I could spend on some darn cell phone or gaming device that was outdated within the year. - - - - - -
I am deaf with one legal blind eye 
If I have my own internet. With rent involved live 
I would annoy and confuse with bill. Like email bills with few different date deadline and cost difference every month as same things as iPhone bills. It is very easy get confuse which say this cost. Till after bill done it say - cost or + cost need pay. I prefer with right date and same cost where deaf blind will know easy. 
One time my old roomate and I had decide not want to keep regular phone with internet etc shaw. We told shaw internet shaw that we did not want keep voice phone cuz we never use it too much. We pay for it waste our pay for nothing use voice. They said can’t get out of voice phone without shaw involved. Silly phone voice must stay with shaw internet. Well. Very silly for deaf blind or h of h or deaf pay for nothing use voice. 
My bell iPhone. 
For my annoy bills same thing. I don’t like to see cost voice I don’t use in my iPhone. That I must pay. I tried to explain to bell that I didn’t need voice on that my iPhone cuz silly cost for nothing use. I told the bell person I did not mind pay like ten dollar or less. Or cut cost on voice but the person called the boss bell. The boss said no. I must keep voice to pay. Grrrrr I tried to tell bell if I don’t want cost voice so I could like to get more gb for my ft or video chat or vrs Interpter outside if use 3G not wifi. It would more pay if keep voice cost and internet or iPhone bell pay. Data.
- - - - - -
I got talked into the "free" speed upgrade, only to find out later on the bill that they cancelled my student discount, charged me the regular rate, then gave me the speed upgrade which made absolutely zero difference to my computer performance. There was $100 difference in the bill. Spent 3 hours between chat and being on hold on the phone to get them to cancel and give me back the student discount. Trying to figure out on the next bill if they cheated me again was mind-boggling. - - - - - -
My east link bill has increased over $600 per year over the last three years with no extra or better service. - - - - - -
Yes!!!!... Up to $1550.00 a month!!!!!!! - - - - - -
I was shocked with overage fees. My internet plan: 150GB for $90 plus overage 26GB for $70. I'm stuck because of the bundle that tied down and prevented my ability to get update internet plans with speed and amount of GB data size. I do not have those choices. 👈😎👍📱♾👁‍🗨

What kind of CRTC that have no experiences but offhand to CCTS. CRTC must take this back and learn from our experiences to make a better policy effective decision-making to protect consumer like us. Right now you have none of it. Disgraced! 2019 #AccessibilityLens
- - - - - -
Usually the Telus statement is in error. - - - - - -
Cogeco's service totally sucks and they have a monopoly in our residential park. - - - - - -

Changing service providers

Have you ever had a hard time cancelling your service or switching Internet service providers?

What rules could have made switching easier?

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Yes when I switched to Teksavvy Solutions, the former ISP customer service representative hassled and lured me to take their better promotional deal. The new rule should be abundantly clear that the hassling and harassing should not be allowed when the customer switch to another ISP.

2 - - - - -
- Agreed there should be no hassling or harrassment, period. Respectful dialogues should be taking place.

1 - - - - -
What's the point of changing services? They are all the same. Corrupt. And the CRTC seems to do nothing but enable these companies to continually increase their prices. I thought CRTC was there to advocate for the Canadian public. It appears not so they are there to justify any increases these companies want to apply.

3 - - - - -
We need to adapt newer technology to open the market to VoIP over lte on current networks to new players and create more carriers which will benefit customers. $50/60/70 for BYOD plans is very expensive. There's very few plans under $25 , I would expect to see at least 10-15 plans under the $25 mark.
If you look at fongo, textnow and many other apps, they offer unlimited calling and texting Canada wide for as little as $2.25/year. Why can't I use that service with a data only plan.

Many other countries that have similar population to Canada offer $/GB at major discount.
Also there are many excuses out there but really, the population in centred in the cities. 

Contracts are not found when I login into my account.

Switching home internet providers requires a very lengthy process (1 hr call to book, min 2hr window to tech, 2hr installation). No plug and play or switch. 

If Im charged extra for unlimited home internet, example 15$/month and I didn't go over my base included GB, I'm still charged the add-on. I can't remove the add-on online.

I can't downgrade my home internet speed plan online, only upgrade . Same for cell internet 

Home internet GB usage is not accurately reported by date. For example, if my usage window ends on the 17th, my bill states this but on the online portal it'll show the window till the 16th. They don't align 

Some techs advices that the current home internet modems are capable of higher speeds, but they seem to get you upgrade your modem for slightly higher speeds (ex 25mbps plan, but to get 75mbps u need different modem), either there is an extra cost or you need to sign a contract. There isn't plan options that maximum the speed of existing equipment. 
There's only a few buckets for internet home plans, so to get another plan you must switch equipment. 
Whereas I can't take the 75 plan and using existing equipment but at 50mbps , because the equipment only handles 50mbps

I would like to see more fiber lines run to older neighborhood

Also, many of their modems include quality of service for wifi but that only handles download shaping/throattled. Does not adjust upload speeds which is critical for backing up photos or videos. 
If they could better update their firmware for this options and other like it 

Pricing is a bit too high for home internet. $76 is 25mbps and $80 is 75mbos for example. Really, $4 triples my speed.
I can't triple laptop or phone speed for $4 

We need for affordable options for internet only plans under $50, under $40 and $30.
For example resellers my offer promotional pricing that have plans around $35 but never the big providers. 

If someone only requires internet 15, and 100gb or less. He will be upsold to internet 75/300 with unlimited data. 
Reps don't provide the service that's required for the client.

In many cases with family members and others, they had internet 100, or 150 or 300, and they only Netflix or YouTube off one device. They will never cross the 15 Mbps requirement nor consume more than 100gb/Mon
5 - - - - -
I was a Cogeco customer in good standing. The account details showed it had been a 9 year arrangement. 
When I was moving, I contacted Cogeco to transfer my service to my new address. As it turned out, Cogeco did not service my new location and they wanted to charge me for early termination.
It took a week of progressing my call up the ladder of the customer service department hierarchy and arguing that I had never intended to cancel my service, I had requested a transfer of service to my new address. The fact that Cogeco could not fulfill the requirement fell on deaf ears. I finally suggested that I would contact the CRTC, and miraculously, a solution was found whereby Cogeco released me from my contract without penalties.
My issue had never been service problems, but their inability to provide coverage at my new address was not my fault. The carrier should be required to release the customer without penalty when the carrier can not provide service to the customer's location.
1 - - - - -
Rural areas are particularly vulnerable to monopolies. My parents live in an area with only one option for their internet, and it's a very expensive one that offers terrible customer service and no additional options, but they have no other choice. They literally can't switch, and Bell Aliant is taking advantage of them.

2 - - - - -
Yes tried to change my home phone from Bell Canada to Rogers Cell and keep the number. Finally got it done but had to use a family member who works for Rogers to explain the process to the Bell employees who were trying everything to keep us and charge us for upgrades that we didn't ask for or want. It finally took a threat of escalation to the CRTC to make the changes.

2 - - - - -
No info about ability to switch and cost - - - - - -
Dis-toi que pour quelques-uns la vérité est dur à accepter pour moi je te félicite pour dire les vraies vérité félicitations pour ton émission encore - - - - - -
No change or cancellation penalties. Not fair to be penalized if not satisfied with your internet company and wanting to cancel/change companies. Customer should have a right to change or cancel if they want to. If there has to be a penalty it has to have a cap limit on it. - - - - - -
The devil you know. It's very hard to make a change like this. I know I could switch to Telus or some other 3rd party carrier but the transition is not simple. 1 - - - - -


Ever had unresolved issues with your Internet service provider? Do you know where and how to escalate a complaint?

What rules could have made the process easier?

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I am only slightly aware of the CCTS but not understanding the steps to elevate a complaint. I would like to see ASL videos that explain the elevation of complaint process. Should also be made available in LSQ. it would also be great if CCTS had direct staff who can talk on video to make inquiries or complaints comfortably in sign language! #ASLandLSQCanada#AccessibleCanada

1 - - - - -
The ISP (Rogers, Bell, Telus and Shaw) should be responsible to provide a qualified or certified interpreter from ASL or LSQ local interpreting service agency to facilitate the effective communication between the representative and DDBHH customers at their store. - - - - - -
- Agreed! - - - - - -
Network throttling is a big thing that happens to all of us without us ever knowing. When providers advertise 600mbps for the price of 300mbps, why do consumers then have to recheck on weekly, sometime even daily basis if what theyre getting what theyre paying for?

- - - - - -
Service that cuts off and is not the speed advertised. Then when you call to complain, the speed gets fixed all of the sudden. Internet providers are very deceiving.

1 - - - - -
Rural Internet. Xplorernet; satellite internet for rural areas in central/north BC is the only option we have at $90/100GB/mo and an equipment rental of $15/mo in perpetuity. They have a monopoly and when the service was cancelled they said they didn't want their equipment back. They have no competition or regulation so they price will continue to climb. Only 20 minutes away in town telus offers high speed for a nominal fee/month. A smart hub does work but is not offered. We are stuck between a rock and a hard place. 1 - - - - -
Yes, went to change our package and the employee said even in a written e-mail that we would have a lower price for our complete package with Bell Canada and when we were a few days from our bill I received a pop-up stating that we were about to surpass our internet limit. It was clearly stated that we were staying with an unlimited package in the e-mail and in Bells phone logs. It once again took a family member who works at Rogers to clear-up the issue after having talked to the CRTC for our rights. But Bell Canada still refused to give us the price that they promised in writing and in their phone logs. We gave up perusing the matter due to time constrains in the process. 1 - - - - -
- switch to Videotron ...Bell sucks and I'll never go back to them - - - - - -
My provider currently is Telus. I pay for a 25 mbps service on a monthly basis and I am "given" 150 GB of data to transfer every month. However, when you do the math of 25 mbps 24hr a day, I should have approximately 6480 GB to use over the course of the month. If I am paying for a service that is allegedly available to me 24hrs a day, then I should be able to use that service 24 hrs a day not up a certain point. The service should be available to use everyday all day not up to a certain point. 1 - - - - -
There are few choices when you actually look into it. Basically, it is either a reliable service or a cheap one. As for customer service, there isn't any anywhere. Unless you are lucky enough to find someone that actually knows their job and does it right the first time (or second?) when their system is actually up an running properly. Otherwise, expect to be calling back for the same problem repeatedly. 1 - - - - -
I could've sued BELL if you didn't waste 5 months of my time depending on your resolution next to nothing. 1 - - - - -
I have filled complaints with both CRTC & CCTS in the recent past . The ISP is still getting away with very poor service , slow internet speeds when it's actually working , unprofessional / rude customer service , and very long wait times for service restoration . I am currently since sept without a connection from the ISP . 1 - - - - -
Under no circumstances should speeds less than 25mbps (and thats being generous) be provided going forward. Bell Aliant still only has DSL in our area which only provides at best 10mbps which I've never seen anyone achieve, but often times around 5 or less, its pathetic. Thank god for Eastlink having somewhat modern speeds. 
I tried Rogers once when we had Bell Fibreop and Rogers came offering this "hybrid fibre" for much cheaper. It was a complete farce, the speeds were a fraction of what they advertised, and they throttled everything. I contacted them about this and they gave me some cut and paste response about how rogers was #1 in something or other, which was obviously false. I come from an IT background so I knew what they were doing. 
Also, I have seen far too many cases of installations being done very poorly as to completely handicap a persons services, either a result of laziness or ignorance on the part of the people who do the installs. I've dealt with some who were good, but the things I've seen in a lot of homes? Pathetic. It doesn't matter what kind of services you have in theory if the router is installed in the wrong location, then the person wonders why they cant get any wifi signal and are then perhaps solicited with a booster that they wouldn't need if their services were installed correctly in the first place.
1 - - - - -
What the point of having CCTS in first place. CRTC do not have any experiences from us since they offhand to CCTS. That is wrong! CRTC must take it back. Stop Status quo! 1 - - - - -
No throttling/Network management should take place on any Deaf, Deaf-Blind or HH signing ASL or LSQ Canadians internet. We need it for our accessible phone (video communications). #SRVCanadaVRS #AccessibleCanada

1 - - - - -
Crtc another useless division of the government

3 - - - - -

1 - - - - -
Anyone handcuffed into using CRTC approved monopoly beyond basic service are simply not with it! CRTC is an old redundant institution well past its expiry date. - - - - - -


I live in rural Alberta, internet service providers advertise speeds that you can hardly get and claim congestion on their network.  They also charge you a “leg and arm” for services compare to the rest of the populace in major cities. Internet providers in rural Canada should be mandated to provide a reliable service, unlimited internet data for the price we currently pay. We currently pay about 3 times the monthly price for services.
There are a number of issues that are going unresolved and enforcement of current CRTC regulations are completely absent. This is, in large part, due to the hands off approach of the CRTC and the difficulty in submitting complaints to the CRTC directly.  The CCTS either has to be granted more teeth and have their scope of issues they can deal with expanded. I have, in the past, submitted issues to the CCTS and always felt that the person handling my case could care less about my issues and simply did not want to be bothered—that is, if I could even get the CTSC to actually accept my complaint in the first place.  I have gotten the “I’m sorry but this issue does not fall within the scope of what we do.”  Then, when I go to submit the issue to the CRTC, I am told to file a complaint with the CCTS—that is even if I manage to actually locate a method to file to the CRTC directly, which was difficult before, but since Mr. Scott’s appoint is virtually impossible now. There are many issues that the CRTC should be dealing with prior to wasting tax-payer money and time on a PR stunt such as this.  There is a very detailed set of regulations that already cover the majority of issues that the CRTC is asking the public for submissions about. The top one is issuing decisions in regards to intevenor fees.  Organizations that intercede on behalf of public interest should not have to wait 2+ years to be reimbursed for doing so.  This is completely unacceptable and should be the #1 priority of the CRTC.  Delaying these decisions is placing an undue hardship on these organizations and smells of a deliberate attempt by the CRTC to force these organizations to close their doors. The second issue that should be remedied immediately is the issue of access and reasonable tariff rates in order for IISP’s to have access to FTTH.  It has gotten to the point that IISP’s can no longer compete and are losing customers in droves simply because the CRTC refuses to deal with the issue in a timely manner. Thirdly, the CRTC needs to scrutinize the incumbents wholesale pricing schemes when it comes to wholesale tariffs.  When the Incumbents can provide their services at a lesser cost to their retail customers than what it is claiming it costs them to provide wholesale access, there is an issue.  All anyone at the CRTC do is go to an Incumbent website, call in pretending to be a customer or do a chat with a service rep via the Incumbent website in order to see the current retail price schema the Incumbent has.  Yes there are promotions and special offers, but the Incumbent rep will tell you what the “normal” retail price will be once those promotions end.  It is not rocket science and simply swallowing what the Incumbents provide as evidence when they submit those schemas is bordering on incompetence and completely unacceptable. Lastly, but certainly not any less important, is the CRTC needs to actually enforce the regulations it currently has in place.  One perfect example is Vmedia.  They have a permanent and unauthorized ITMP in place and have had this policy for years.  It basically cripples any service other than their own IPTV offering during primetime, without exception, or tier a person subscribes to.  They do not, as per CRTC regulations, explicitly state in their online TOS which services are impacted and to what extent those services are degraded.  Even worse, the Director of Vmedia, Mr. George Burger, continuously appears on public forums and is outright deceptive, often saying they do not have any such ITMP in place or, when he does acknowledge the fact they do have an ITMP in place, he denies any sort of degradation of any services, which is an outright lie.  There are numerous complaints about this online all over the place.  I have written about it on my forums: Basically, the CRTC should be proactive and monitoring forums such as the above or DSLR ( so they have knowledge of such issues.  It would only take a few minutes a day for someone to be monitoring these forums for customer complaints.  There is 0 reason for the sole protector of Canadian’s best interest in the telecom industry to be so out of touch with the reality the every day consumer faces.  It is time to be proactive and involved from the consumer viewpoint.  After all, that is who the CRTC is servicing—the best interests of Canadians, not the best interest of Big Telecom. Regards,
I object to “mandatory” ‘'internet code and note the following reasons:  1.  Above all this “mandatory code” restricts the right of people to express their views.  2.  Political bias can be written into this code and this should not be allowed if point 1. is recognised as a fundamental human right. 3.  Censorship by Government through having a “mandatory” code is certain.  There has been a growth of usage of expressions and views which support some sectors of society whilst alienating the views of other sectors.  People do not all support one view of the world, rightly or wrongly.  4.  What ever Government is in power at a certain period of time (and these political biases shift often) cannot be allowed to decide what views its citizens can express, especially when these are contrary to those in power. 5.  This public feedback request has  prioritized a communication channel (Facebook) who currently CENSOR individuals right to free speech and expression.  There is no other way of describing the behaviour of Facebook in the recent years.  Facebook has decided who can contribute to its social media interface and has made polices about what expressions of opinion meet their Companies views and what can be posted on their interface.  Their Censorship of individuals and groups is too politically biased (which they deny but the public know to be true) to be included in any management of “mandatory codes”.   6.  Likewise GOOGLE and YouTube Censor who can receive advertising revenue based on their Companies views, bias and policies.  They Censor content on a set of values which they have elected, that they are responsible for setting.  These behaviours are demonstrated on a daily basis and their biases are known but denied in some cases.  They collect data without permission and sell personal details of innocent people who have not read their 20 page Privacy Information Pages, to profit from them.  Data is not collected or stored for public good as they have claimed.  Finally 7.  By singling Facebook out as the preferred way of posting feedback to this Governments proposed “mandatory internet code” to me shows a lack of understanding of how big and influential on the world stage this organization has become.   Facebook, Google and YouTube are too big and powerful to allow them to police any Mandatory codes.   These Companies should not be allowed to grow so big and influential, they need competition to ensure that standards are maintained.  These Companies need to be broken up to ensure regulation of the internet allows the people to express their views.  This needs to come before Government wastes money setting up “mandatory internet codes”
Dear CRTC Staff, My name is Shawn Ahmed. I am one of the individuals that testified (via Skype) before the CRTC during the 2018 hearings on telco sales and business practices. I've corresponded with Jade Roy, Pierre Rouvroy, and other CRTC staffers in the past. I want to thank you for allowing me to testify and for moving forward with the creation of an Internet Code. This was one of the things I and others testifying before the CRTC suggested. I would like to offer the five suggestions that should be included in the Internet Code: 1) A minimal acceptable broadband speed that all telcos should offer. This minimal acceptable speed should be raised on regular intervals. The CRTC is already committed to “the objective of all Canadians being able to access fixed broadband Internet services with speeds of at least 50 Mbps download/10 Mbps upload.” However, what the CRTC considers “at least” is increasing not sufficient for Canadians. This is particularly true for marginalized Canadians such as those who are elderly, living with disabilities, or newcomers. As Canada’s population ages, many elderly Canadians will increasingly rely on technology to maintain their independence and mobility. This includes smart speakers, internet home security cameras, and video calls to loved ones. For Canada’s newcomers, including refugees, the reliance on cloud services such as Google Translate and video calls (both of which require low latency and strong upload speeds) are critical to their integration into their new home. The broadband needs of Canadians are ever increasing and the internet code should reflect this. 2) A minimal ratio between download speed and upload speed for all internet packages. The CRTC’s current objective of “at least 50 Mbps download/10 Mbps upload” offers a ratio of 5:1 between download capacity and upload capacity. While companies such as Bell have met and exceeded this ratio and, in many cases, offer a 1:1 ratio between download and upload, companies such as Rogers have not kept up. Rogers most expensive tier currently offers a ratio of 100:3. This forces many Canadians, including myself, to seek the most expensive offering from Rogers not because our households need 1000 Mbps but because our smart home devices (smart security camera, smart speakers, etc) require greater upload speeds. If the Internet Code intends to better match offerings to needs, than a minimum ratio between download and upload speed must be set. 3) Canadians must have a choice between at least two different providers for all available internet speeds. Many Canadians, myself included, only have one option when it comes to an internet service provider. This includes but is not limited to: the one other major telco has decided to offer higher internet speeds at a particular address, resellers precluded from offering higher internet speeds, and/or resellers effectively priced out of consideration due to inability to compete with first tier providers. Many of the CRTC’s recommendations are rendered moot if Canadians don’t have at least one true alternative which they can go to meet their internet needs. As such, the Internet Code, should include provisions which mandate that there be at least 2 choices from 2 different providers for every internet speed tier. There are many ways in which this could be fulfilled which would not be onerous upon the telcos. For example, this could include allowing resellers to lease lines at cost in situations where there is a paucity of choice. This would include allowing resellers to affordably lease fibre (e.g. 500 Mbps and Gigabit lines) which they are presently unable to do. 4) Canadians must have the option to freeze a rate for a specific period of time. This is ability should be offered for all internet speeds. If Canadians are able to reasonably predict and budget their expenses, they need to be able to predict what their internet service will cost over a reasonable time horizon. Telcos must offer internet service at a particular speed for a particular price. This price must be valid over a clearly defined period of time and cannot be increased. 5) Increases in price for existing services cannot exceed a certain percentage. For many, especially among marginalized Canadians, internet access is more important than access to a phone. For many, it is their most important budget item next to rent (or mortgage). As such, in the same way that Canadians have some protections which prevent capricious landlords from skyrocketing rent by an arbitrary amount, Canadians need protections that prevent telcos from doing the same for the internet bill.   This would not deny telcos profits or starve telcos of the means to invest in their infrastructure. Internet service, unlike other essentially utilities, decreases in cost with each technological advance. Moreover, unlike other utilities like water and electricity where Canadians seek to reduce usage by upgrading to energy efficient and water efficient devices, as Canadians upgrade their tech gear they will need more and more internet speed. Thank you. If you have any questions or comments please do not hesitate to contact me. Sincerely,
Here are some answers to your questions as well as answers to some other questions.
  • Have you ever found it difficult to understand or get a copy of your Internet contract? What rules could have made this easier?
    • Yes, it's hard to find and confusing to read. To improve we needs simple CRTC approved contracts that follow an easy template that CRTC explains. Can't trust big telcos to do this.
  • Have you ever been shocked by unexpected fees on your Internet bill? What rules could have helped prevent such a surprise?
    • Yes, I got screwed over by Rogers and Bell several times by unexpected charges, misleading promotions, etc. Rogers even kept billing me for months after I cancelled my service. Keeping customer up to date about new possible charges. Clear explanation of rules, discounts and fees. Again maybe CRTC lead template that's used by everyone.
  • Have you ever had a hard time cancelling your service or switching Internet service providers? What rules could have made switching easier?
    • Yes, the famous "customer retention" service that where they put their most slimy performers. This is simplest one to solve. Force telcos to provide "Cancel Service" button on their website and phone system so customers don't have to interact with misleading customer retention people and slimy sales tactics. Also there should me no hidden retention "deals".
  • Ever had unresolved issues with your Internet service provider? Do you know where and how to escalate a complaint? What rules could have made the process easier?
    • Yes, and I did raise the issue within Rogers and then the ombudsman but nothing ever came of it. To solve this just put some teeth on someone in the chain. Also, since all companies these days record your interactions, those recording or chat logs should be accessible by the customer.
  • Should CRTC continue to be staffed by ex-telco executives.
    • No, that's the dumbest thing happening to CRTC right now. Like putting a wolf in charge of the hen house. Epic stupid. Those execs probably still invested in the telcos which is a conflict of interest. Replacing them with shaved monkeys would probably workout better for the consumer.
  • Is Facebook a good place for surveys for CRTC
    • No it's a terrible place. A lot of people don't use it or don't want to use it. It had major privacy breaches. Is Facebook paying CRTC for this, because that's the only reason one could think this is a good idea. Hey I heard that CRTC has their own website where they could run surveys.
Hope this helps.
Please see suggestions below:
-no more targeted or geographical advertisement. Internet speed and costs should be the same for everything, for example: 50 mbps shall cost $40.00 per month nationally.
-no more super exclusive deals where you get 75% off. Their price should just be that permanently outside of sales (black friday, boxing day, etc)
-No throttling, no data selling, privacy should be protected from foreign entities.
-service should meet a minimum standard of 90% of advertised speeds. you shouldnt have people paying for 150mbps and getting 100mbps max.
-All residents should have minimum 50mbps internet speed. Eastlink is one of the worst companies for monopolizing DSL internet in rural areas. At our old house we paid $105.00 per month for 16 mbps internet. It’s amazing to think this even happens and is allowed.
Have you ever found it difficult to understand or get a copy of your Internet contract? What rules could have made this easier? Contracts should be legible by the average person - one should not require a law degree to understand their internet contract. Contracts should NOT allow ISPs to gather information except for internal use - data CANNOT be sold to third parties for any reason. Have you ever been shocked by unexpected fees on your Internet bill? What rules could have helped prevent such a surprise? We need rules regarding how data is sold in Canada. In reality, data is cheap, and bandwidth is what's expensive. Current Canadian ISPs charge some of the highest fees in the world for data, and are raking in record profits as a result, all on the backs of Canadian citizens' hard-earned money. Therefore, rules should be in place to prevent Internet Service Providers from charging for data, period. ALL internet plans (cell or otherwise) should have unlimited data at no extra cost. Have you ever had a hard time cancelling your service or switching Internet service providers? What rules could have made switching easier? Yes. If I ask to cancel a service, the company representative's only answer should be: "Yes, of course." Up-selling when someone is attempting to cancel a service should be illegal. Ever had unresolved issues with your Internet service provider? Do you know where and how to escalate a complaint? What rules could have made the process easier? Yes, regularly. No I do not know how to escalate a complaint. A coordinated effort would be required from the Canadian government to ensure Canadians know how and where to escalate complaints for unresolved Internet service provider issues. Thank you for taking the time to connect with us. Please contact me if you have any follow-up questions. Best regards,
1gbps should be the same price for everyone no more super exclusive deals where you get 75% off. Their price should just be that permanently outside of sales (black friday, boxing day, etc) Limit throttling, no data selling, privacy should be protected from foreign entities. service should meet a minimum standard of 90% of advertised speeds. you shouldnt have people paying for 150mbps and getting 100mbps max. No Hidden Fees,  Must advertise the entire cost Telecoms are not allowed to lobby the CRTC or other government agencies or parties about the function and scope of the Internet Code. Regulate the Costs are they are Wayyy too high
Drastically lower prices and make speeds default 100/100. Shit's a scam as it is right now. Internet is so essential in this day and age, it should be priced like tap water. When they say the infrastructure can't support it that is bullshit. CRTC policy is essentially dictated by lobbyist and big money anyway so fuck you guys, do more. way more.
       Regarding the Internet code in Canada.With a long arguous battle involving Xplorenet wireless ISP myself and the ccts, as well as unfair treatment and service by Freedom mobile cellular service  I believe minimum service levels should be advertised in place of maximum and adhered too.
  All providers act in the same by stating   "up to data speeds"   which is very misleading and disappointing to the consumer.
At peak levels service is dramatically  reduced to a unusable rate at times.
All providers should be mandated to state and provide minimum target levels even at peak levels for all customers equally. Too much discresion has been left to the service providers allowing them to have a monopoly and 'god like power' over the publics freedom to access information by restricting how,when,and where it service will work as advertised.
Our provider advised us that our data usage was suddenly “high” even though we have not changed how we use our internet services. We switched to a new modem and changed the password but usage is still above our “normal”. It would be helpful if our provider could give us more details such as what is causing the spikes in data usage and even which device(s) is/are causing the problem so we could try to determine if our internet service has been hacked and is being stolen by a third-party unknown to us.
1. ISPs are happy to sell you a package that promises data transfer rates "up to" a specified figure, but they do not tell you a minimum you can expect or your options should they fail to meet that minimum. I realize that they cannot control network speed once my packets leave their edge  servers, but I would like to have a guaranteed minimum for the data path from their provided modem/router to where they connect to the Internet backbone service. If they fail to maintain that rate at least 95% of the time, I should be able to void the contract without penalty and switch to a different supplier. 2. I want a guarantee that the ISP will not snoop my packets to gather profiling information on me to be used for targeted advertising or any other purpose that impacts on my privacy or security. 3. I want a guarantee that the ISP will not modify my data stream in order to insert advertising or tracking information. 4. I want a guarantee that the ISP will not analyze the content of any email accounts that may be part of the service in order to extract personal information for any reason.
I am not sure if this is the right place but I have Internet Service with Telus ( I live in Alberta ) and I am telling you they are super expensive and their Customer Service is not good I can not get any help from them. I have been with Telus for several years but if I could I love to break my current contract but they make it so expensive I have no choice but to stay with them.
From Cell phone to Cable to Internet Service this is the worst provider with no appreciation for loyal customers.
Thank you
Q1 - Have you ever found it difficult to understand or get a copy of your Internet contract? What rules could have made this easier? Yes have with found Bell – it is can be difficult to understand the billing . To begin with , the CRTC needs to be overhauled to regulate , legislate  and severely enforce  
infractions of the law with penalties starting at ome million per day Clean out the board of ex telecom executives , cronies and anyone else beholden to the telecommunications industry  . Replace with seasoned people who in interested in serving the public at large and doing what is best for the average customer
– not corporate interests or lobbyists. Regulate lobbyists influence on proceedings , legislation and government . As to billing – write at grade 5 education level – then the contract will be easy to read and understand . Q2 - Have you ever been shocked by unexpected fees on your Internet bill? What rules could have helped prevent such a surprise? With Bell – on a unacceptable all too frequent basis. Effective regulation and legistration on the Telco’s to remove
The long standing business model – raising prices often to maintain excellent profits
and satisfy shareholder /corporate greed. Enable real competition and disseminate the big threes domination of the market .
Q3- Ever had unresolved issues with your Internet service provider? Do you know where
and how to escalate a complaint? What rules could have made the process easier? Yes – in an issue with Bell – 2yrs ago – it took 6 months to solve
A simple issue as the firm is so  compartmentalized – no one – has any  real authority to do anything. Finally after 6 months – problem was solved by the department – employees call the ghost department –
as they are small group formed about 4 yrs – with real authority to solve problems You just a email saying problem solved , sorry about the issue and no way to connect back to them or compensation of any kind. Then the problem started up the very next day . Fortunately was solved quickly – yet must bill monthly as errors still made to this day. Clarity , advertising and a mail out on how to escalate compliant . Finally The govt needs to follow through with money and support to mandate and move forward with recent ruling
as to internet use being a a basic human need in todays world and concentrate removing the country
from the stigma of being , one of the most expensive countries in the world for telecommunication costs
and most expensive among the G7 nations . We as a nation – want to known for being among the  top 25% of the world pricing for telecommunicationexpenses.
To whom It may concern,
Business practices – The companies should put consumers first ahead of profits by not putting as much pressure on their staff to make sales or give the customer advisor staff the ability to give discounts that other departments do. I worked for a telco and the pressure we were under to make the sales was crazy. I had a customer who only had TV & phone and wanted to try save more(she was a senior on limited funds) and I was told try get her on to a contract for internet or her tv and I’m like she doesn’t have the funds for it and wants to keep what she has now but get a lower rate. I was told it’s not possible. There needs to be special rates for seniors, especially ones on fixed incomes and the lowest speed internet needs to be better than dialup speed internet which is what some have so they can read emails and then they can’t watch youtube. Provide tools to consumers to avoid bill shock - Companies need to have the option to do a screen share with the customer to help them navigate their websites as they can be confusing. Even after working for a telco here in Calgary I recently went on to their site and it was just a mess to find what I was looking for as it had a spot that said one thing and then got to a different page on the site and it seems like it was contradictory.  Also the customer needs to be able to understand their bills. The bills NEED to have discounts listed under their area they apply to, ie Internet package & Internet Discounts in one area, Phone & TV in another. Also with this I KNOW from experience consumers need to exactly everything they are paying for in the critical information summaries they get, not just the package YOU HAVE TO INCLUDE THE EXTRA PREMIUM CHANNELS IN IT, INCLUDE EVERYTHING!!! Also make sure to point out EVERYTHING to the customer and make sure even if you have to repeat it numerous times it’s understood what they are getting into. Make it Easier for consumers to switch providers to take advantage of competitive offers – there needs to an industry standard software to make this easier somehow. Regards,
Canada pays the most for internet service, and gets the least service! 1.  Contract: difficult to understand, yes: difficult to get a copy: no, but you need a printer. The font and wording are impossible to comprehend and worded so that they could mean anything. 2.  Unexpected fees:  I am shocked that I am charged (7.50) for monthly data usage even when my usage is zero.  It would seem to me that a minimum usage fee would mean usage between one unit, and some minimum number of units. 3.  Have not switched in 8 years: expecting I will very soon if only I could figure out how my other two choices are different from the one I have now. 4.  Have had minor problems which were always handled professionally and promptly.
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