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2005-08-12 - #: 8622-S61-200509490 - Shaw Telecom Inc. - Application for an expedited order requiring MTS Allstream Inc. to port telephone numbers

2005-09-02 - Shaw Telecom Inc.
Description: On August 12, 2005 Shaw Telecom Inc. filed with the CRTC a Part VII application respecting the number porting activity of MTS Allstream Inc. in respect to customers that subscribe to MTS Allstream DSL services.
Document: 050902.doc - 65KB

2005-08-12 - Shaw Telecom Inc.
Description: This Part VII Application is filed pursuant to section 24,25,27,32,40, 48,51,60 of the Telecommunications Act and the CRTC Telecommunications Rules of Procedure. Shaw Telecom Inc. Requests that the Commission deal with this application on an expedited basis.
Document: 050812.pdf - 258KB

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