Communications Market Reports

The Communications Monitoring Report (CMR) has been rebranded to the Communications Market Reports in 2021 to reflect an expanded publication portfolio that now encompasses a larger amount of data and research collected by the CRTC.

The communications market is changing rapidly. The CMR is being redesigned to give Canadians access to the latest data and trends on a more timely schedule.

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Current trends up to January 2022

Keep up-to-date with the latest data and trends in the Canadian broadcasting and telecommunications sectors.

This publication will be updated every 3 months. The latest quarter available is 2021-Q4 (generally speaking, Oct-Dec 2021) and monthly data up to January 2022.

Version 3.0 - Last updated 2022-03-31
See our current trends changelog for the latest updates.

  • Economic indicators

    More about the GDP, CPI, e-commerce and retail sales, and the unemployment rate.

    • GDP: Increased 0.6% monthly change
  • Broadcasting

    More about television service providers revenues and subscribers.

    • Television service providers revenues: $1.91B (Decreased 1.3% quarterly change)
    • Television service providers subscribers: 9.74M (Decreased 0.6% quarterly change)
  • High-speed broadband

    More about high-speed broadband revenues, subscriptions by tier and data traffic.

    • Revenues: $2.52B (Increased 1.1% quarterly change)
    • Subscriptions: 12.08M (Increased 0.9% quarterly change)
    • Subscriptions with 50/10+ Mbps: 72.6% (up 2.5% from last quarter)
  • Mobile wireless

    More about mobile wireless revenues, mobile subscribers and mobile wireless traffic.

    • Revenues: $7.45B (Increased 7.0% quarterly change)
    • Average data usage: 4.3GB/month (Increased 4.9% quarterly change)
  • Other telecom services

    More about long-distance minutes.

    • Landline long-distance minutes: 1.1B
      (Increased 5.6% quarterly change)
    • Mobile long-distance minutes: 11.0B
      (Decreased 0.2% quarterly change)

Data sources and Survey Methodologies

Data sources

This publication is a collection of data sourced from several surveys, including the joint CRTC-Statistics Canada Quarterly Survey and Statistics Canada economic data.

CRTC Data Collection

The CRTC collects data directly from the industry and via both government and private sector data partners. Data collected directly from the industry is filed via the Data Collection System (DCS). Read more about DCS and the surveys through which mandatory data is filed.

Joint CRTC-Statistics Canada Quarterly Survey

Every three months, in partnership with Statistics Canada, the CRTC surveys the top 90% of telecommunications entities, based on revenues. The survey, comprised of two forms – one for revenues and one for quantities – is mandatory to complete.

Before the first quarter of every year, the list of entities surveyed is reviewed to ensure that it continues to represent approximately 90% of the market based on annual revenues (and with a significant market share in its sector) that have been submitted to the CRTC via the Annual Telecommunications Survey. As such, the companies that appear on the list change slightly year-over-year.

Since this survey only collects a small scope of data from a subset of the entire Canadian telecommunications market, the totals in this publication will not exactly match the totals published in previous, current or future versions of the Annual release of the Communications Market Reports. More information is available on the Statistics Canada website.

Annual highlights

  • Broadcasting highlights

    Period: Sep 2015-Aug 2020

    Find highlights about the broadcasting industry:

    • Revenues and financial performance
    • Industry characteristics
    • Contributions to Canadian content
    • Internet-based audiovisual services estimated revenues
    • Impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Telecommunications highlights

    Period: Jan 2016-Dec 2020

    Highlights about the telecommunications sector for:

    • Market composition
    • Revenues by sector
    • Financial performance
    • Sector summaries
    • Impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic
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