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Source: Joint CRTC-Statistics Canada Quarterly Survey

Mini-methodology & definitions

The data on BDU revenues and subscribers is representative of over 90% of this segment of the communications industry, excluding video-based services such as Netflix or Spotify. The data is collected on a quarterly basis and is not adjusted for seasonality. In this report, revenues and subscribers are not allocated to a segment based on an entities’ primary method for delivering services to subscribers. As such, subscribers and revenues of an entity offering both IPTV and Cable technologies would be divided between both categories.

  • BDU refers to Broadcasting Distribution Undertakings from Cable, IPTV and DTH and excludes Internet-based services (e.g. Netflix) and telecommunications services (e.g. Internet access or telephony).
  • Cable refers to the distribution of cable television delivered to customers over fibre-optic or coaxial cables.
  • DTH, or Direct-to-Home satellite broadcasting, refers to the distribution of television signals from satellites to small dish and satellite receivers.
  • IPTV, or Internet Protocol Television, refers to television content delivered over a closed network, typically requiring a set-top-box before the content is displayed on a TV (e.g. Bell Fibe or Telus Optik TV). IPTV excludes Internet-based services such as Netflix and Crave.
  • Other services refer to any services that cannot be categorized as cable, DTH or IPTV. For the purpose of this analysis "Other" has been rolled into DTH.
  • Revenues refer to the broadcasting-related revenues generated from broadcasting distribution undertakings (BDU) such as cable, IPTV, DTH and other broadcasting services.
  • Subscribers are the number of individual subscriptions to a service.

Key takeaways

  • A shift on the horizon? The BDU sector’s revenues and subscribers have seen decline in recent years as alternative forms of media have added competition to the market.


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