Current trends - methodology

Joint CRTC-Statistics Canada Quarterly Survey

Every three months, in partnership with Statistics Canada, the CRTC surveys the top 90% of telecommunications entities, based on revenues. The survey, comprised of two forms – one for revenues and one for quantities – is mandatory to complete.

Before the first quarter of every year, the list of entities surveyed is reviewed to ensure that it continues to represent approximately 90% of the market based on annual revenues (and with a significant market share in its sector) that have been submitted to the CRTC via the Annual Telecommunications Survey. As such, the companies that appear on the list change slightly year-over-year.

Since this survey only collects a small scope of data from a subset of the entire Canadian telecommunications market, the totals in this publication will not exactly match the totals published in previous, current or future versions of the Annual release of the Communications Market Reports. More information is available on the Statistics Canada website.

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