Message Relay Services

In Canada, the CRTC requires two types of message relay services (MRS) be made available to all Canadians: (1) Teletypewriter (TTY) relay service and (2) Internet protocol (IP) relay service.

Message relay services enable people with a hearing or speech disability to make and receive telephone calls via text with the assistance of a relay operator. In an MRS call, the relay operator communicates with the person who has a hearing or speech disability via text and with the other party via voice.

In 2018, the CRTC introduced quality standards to enhance the user experience of MRS. The new standards are, for example, providing MRS users faster response times and increased accuracy of the services, as well as accessible IP relay interfaces.

In addition to MRS, there is another kind of relay service available in Canada, called Video Relay Service. Unlike an MRS call, which is conducted via text, a VRS call is conducted via sign-language.

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