How to apply for a broadcasting licence

The Basics

Forms and My CRTC Account

Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada

You must apply to Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada for a frequency and broadcast certification. Available frequences are scarce in some major urban areas.

For more information, call Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada toll-free at 1-800-328-6189 or check its website for offices across the country.

Will any application to the CRTC be considered?

Applications must meet certain minimum criteria in the following areas:

A market study may be required to confirm the demand for the proposed service and to show how it will increase diversity in the market. A market study must also address the effect the new service would have on existing broadcasters.

As described in Change to the processing time for applications and complaints relating to radio undertakings, Broadcasting Information Bulletin CRTC 2023-278, 22 August 2023, radio applications will only be processed if the nature of the request is deemed exceptional by the Commission.

What happens to an application?

The Public Hearing

CRTC Decision

Participating in the Public Process

Your ideas, opinions and comments help the CRTC:

Read how you can participate.

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