Telecom Decision CRTC 2020-109

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Ottawa, 27 March 2020

Public record: 8621-C12-01/08

CISC Business Process Working Group – Consensus report BPRE098b regarding changes to the Network Management Guidelines


  1. The Business Process Working Group (BPWG) of the CRTC Interconnection Steering Committee (CISC) submitted the following consensus report for Commission approval:
    • Network Management Guidelines Version 3.4, 19  September 2019 (BPRE098b)
  2. The consensus report can be found in the “Reports” section of the BPWG page, which is available in the CISC section of the Commission’s website at
  3. The Network Management Guidelines (Guidelines) were developed by CISC to provide network management personnel and trouble reporting centre personnel of interconnecting carriers with guidelines for the management of voice traffic and network events. The types of interconnecting carriers that use the Guidelines are incumbent local exchange carriers, competitive local exchange carriers, wireless service providers, and interexchange carriers.
  4. Since the approval of the current version of the Guidelines in Telecom Decision 2015-480, the Commission has issued a number of decisions requiring updates to the Guidelines.Footnote 1 The BPWG has therefore produced version 3.4 of the Guidelines, which incorporates the necessary changes. The BPWG added wording that summarizes the noted decisions and made a number of format changes.

Commission’s analysis and determinations

  1. The Commission notes that the new version of the Guidelines proposed in consensus report BPRE0098b reflects the regulatory changes resulting from recent Commission decisions. The proposed changes to the Guidelines are the result of Commission determinations, and are reasonable and necessary for keeping the Guidelines up to date. The Commission notes that keeping the Guidelines current maintains their usefulness to interconnecting carriers.
  2. The Commission has reviewed and approves consensus report BPRE0098b and version 3.4 of the Guidelines.

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