Telecom Notice of Consultation CRTC 2016-293-3

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Additional references: 2016-293, 2016-293-1, 2016-293-2, 2016-293-4 and 2016-293-5

Ottawa, 5 January 2017

File number: 1011-NOC2016-0293

Notice of hearing

6 February 2017
Gatineau, Quebec

Review of the Wireless Code

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Documents added to the record of this proceeding

  1. With this notice, the Commission is expanding the scope of the comments that parties may make in the remaining stages of the proceeding initiated by Telecom Notice of Consultation 2016-293.
  2. The following two documents were not published prior to the deadline to file reply comments, and parties have not had the opportunity to comment on their contents:
  3. The Commission may refer to the contents of these documents in its consideration of the issues in this proceeding, and, as such, has added them to the record of this proceeding. Accordingly, the Commission hereby notifies parties that they may comment on these documents if they so choose. Appearing parties may do so in their oral presentations at the public hearing, or in their final written comments. Non-appearing parties may do so in their final written comments.

Secretary General

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