Telecom Notice of Consultation CRTC 2016-293-1

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Additional reference: 2016-293, 2016-293-2, 2016-293-3, 2016-293-4 and 2016-293-5

Ottawa, 23 September 2016

File number: 1011-NOC2016-0293

Notice of hearing

6 February 2017
Gatineau, Quebec

Review of the Wireless Code

Revised deadline for submission of interventions: 3 October 2016

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Changes to procedure

  1. With this notice, the Commission revises certain procedural dates established in Telecom Notice of Consultation 2016-293.
  2. On 22 September 2016, the Commission received a procedural request from Rogers Communications Canada Inc. (RCCI) containing a request to change the date established in Telecom Notice of Consultation 2016-293 for the submission of interventions. The original deadline was 26 September 2016. The requested extension and associated rationale were as follows:
    • RCCI requested that the deadline for filing interventions be extended by one week to 3 October 2016.
    • RCCI cited the need to review and consider the new interpretations contained in the CCTS Annotated Guide to the CRTC Wireless Code, published on 22 September 2016 by the Commissioner for Complaints for Telecommunications Services Inc. (CCTS), and the need to address them in its intervention as rationale for the request.
  3. The Commission considers it reasonable to allow parties and interested persons additional time to prepare their comments.
  4. The requested extension should apply to all forms of interventions, including the first online discussion, to also allow Canadians to consider the CCTS Annotated Guide to the CRTC Wireless Code published by the CCTS in their comments on the platform of their choice.
  5. Accordingly, the Commission revises certain procedural dates set out in Telecom Notice of Consultation 2016-293. For ease of reference, the relevant paragraphs of the notice (paragraphs 17 and 23) are reproduced below, with changes highlighted in bold italics.

    17. In order to facilitate further engagement by Canadians on the issues addressed in this notice, the Commission will also open an online discussion forum to allow the public to engage in discussion on issues and questions relating to this proceeding. The online consultation will consist of two phases. Phase 1 will be held from 13 September to 3 October 2016 and Phase 2 will be held from 6 to 14 February 2017. Further details of the online consultation will be announced at a later date.

    23. Interested persons who wish to become parties to this proceeding must file an intervention with the Commission regarding the above-noted issues by 3 October 2016. The intervention must be filed in accordance with section 26 of the Rules of Procedure, must clearly put forward the party’s position with respect to the issues set out in this notice, and must include one of the following statements in either the first or the last paragraph:

    1. I request to appear at the public hearing.

    2. I do not want to appear at the public hearing.

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