Official Languages and Minority Communities Discussion Group


The CRTC-OLMC discussion group was established in the CRTC's three-year (2006-2009) action plan for implementing section 41 of the Official Languages Act. Its activities are aimed at helping the CRTC, within the limits of its mandate, to enhance the vitality and support the development of OLMCs and to promote Canada’s linguistic duality.

Terms of Reference

The discussion group is a forum for exchange, communication and co-operation where the OLMCs and the CRTC can identify ways and ensure the follow-up required to maximize the communities’ participation in the CRTC’s public processes and take their realities into account in the Commissions’s analysis and discussions leading to decisions.


The discussion group accepts its terms of reference and is committed to meeting at least twice a year. Owing to budget constraints, one of these meetings will be held at the CRTC at 1 Promenade du Portage, with arrangements for participation via conference call or videoconference. 

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