Distributel Communications Limited: 8622-D11-201104455

Demande d'une audience accélérée pour la résolution d'un différend avec Rogers Communications Company Inc. en ce qui concerne la portabilité des numéros de téléphone - 2011-03-04

Dossier fermé - Lettre du Conseil - 2011-04-15

2011-04-21 - Rogers Communications
Description: On April 15, 2011 Rogers Communications (Rogers) received a CRTC staff letter relating to the above noted application by Distributel.
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2011-04-18 - Goodmans, LLP Counsel for Comwave Telecom Inc.
Description:  We are telecommunications regulatory counsel to Comwave Telecommunications Inc. (Comwave).  On 15 April, 2011, Commission staff addressed a letter (the 15 April Letter) to Distributel Communications Limited (Distributel) and Rogers Communications Company Inc. (RCCI) respecting the above-referenced matter.
Document: 1557420.pdf - 164KO

2011-04-15 - Lettre du Conseil
Description: Lettre adressée à Distributel Communications Limited et Rogers Communications Company Inc. - Objet : Demande de Distributel visant la tenue d’un processus d’audience accélérée

2011-03-14 - Goodmans, LLP Counsel for Comwave Telecom Inc.
Description: We are telecommunications regulatory counsel for Comwave Telecom Inc. (“Comwave”).  Our client only became aware of the above-referenced application (the “Application”), which was apparently filed with the Commission March 4, 2011, when the Respondent, Rogers Communications Company Inc. (“Rogers”) copied Comwave on its initial response dated March 7, 2011.  This morning we obtained a copy of the Application from Commission staff.  We are now writing in order to address one straightforward issue, namely, the need for Comwave to be included in any Commission process considering the Application.
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2011-03-11 - Rogers Communications Partnership. (RCP)
Description: On March 7, 2011, Rogers Communications Partnership. (RCP) received a copy of an application to the Commission by Distributel Communications Limited. (Distributel), wherein Distributel had requested an expedited hearing to seek a resolution of a dispute with “Rogers Communications Company Inc”.
Document: 1529858.pdf - 28KO

2011-03-04 - Distributel Communications Limited
Description: Please find attached an Application made by Distributel Communications Limited (Distributel) requesting an expedited hearing pursuant to paragraph 29 of Broadcasting and Telecommunications Bulletin CRTC 2009-38, to resolve a dispute with Rogers Communications Company Inc. (RCCI) regarding the porting of telephone numbers.
Document: 1528098.zip - 4989KO

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